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1991 or 2024?

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Hello everyone,

I've decided to open a new RP in this forum. My idea was something new and different - let a player assume the role of a country's president, and let the players negotiate and face their opponents. As being the president, they will fly over to meetings, talk to their ministers, create their domestic and foreign policies and so on and so forth.

I've got two questions for all of you out there - one, would you participate in such an RP? (if not - why?) and two - if you ARE interested, I have two scenarios available - one takes place in 1991, where the Berlin wall didn't fall and Gorbachev was assassinated, and the cold war is going at full swing.
The second is something I put together. It takes place in the year 2024, when a series of unfortunate events made the USA become totalitarian, gather allies and take on the modern west. I'll give more details later on, should you be interested.

So, what's it gonna be? 1991, 2024 or neither?
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im siding with reever on this one. the fact that you are so relatively close to actual countries that do exist there is a very high percentage that people WILL be offended by what the Rpers say and how they act. If you want to do a country running Rp have it be on some world in the Imperium where it has devovled into different regions because it is so far away from the cradle of mankind that the administratum practically never comes by. many different factions fighting for supremecy and such, same concept with same cool ideas, but a lot safer and actually pertinant to the Rp section and 40k.
we know it was not your goal to insult anyone with this Rp, but like all things connected to politics and things of that matter people will be insulted, it's just how things are. as much as i want to say that everyone on heresy is very level headed when dealing with politics (even regarding things in the past such as the cold war) it is very easy to over step boundries and piss someone off. from what ive heard so far you are really only trying to use scenarios and not the actual countries, if that is the case then changing the names of the countries shouldnt be a problem at all.

while the Rpers might not have a problem with what is happening how they take the USA in a certain direction can be very hurtful to someone who is extremely patriotic. Why is it the US that has become totalitarian? Why not England? Germany? Italy? Egypt? Israel? that is the problem you run into, those who are not in the Rp assume you are picking on a certain country for some reason and our goal is never to possibly insult someone's country deeply.

im assuming that in the 2024 scenario that the US is the main antagonist? obviously the other players could duke it out between themselves but by putting the US in that position i can guarentee that you have already pissed many people off. in the 1991 scenario you have to understand that the fall of the wall was a very significant event for not only the German people but to those of both Russia and the US. It lead to the crumbling of the USSR and for the citizens of the United States a stronger faith in thier ability to aide others and many other things. would you feel any different if the main antagonist was Israel and that most of the Rpers were talking shit, wanting to bomb the hell out of it, rape its people and so on? While these are extreme examples you are giving the Rpers free reign on how to run their country and that includes things like the above.

im in no way trying to attack you or say that you meant to insult others because i know you did not. you just have to understand that things like this have their own section on the website for a reason, because that is where they are to be discussed by those who want to discuss them and they will be discussed no where else. this is to minimalize the chance of insulting someone, anyone, who may just casually be reading through a thread. like i said above you may not be insulted but you cannot assume that others will not be when it comes to things like this, whether or not it is a twist of reality.
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