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1991 or 2024?

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Hello everyone,

I've decided to open a new RP in this forum. My idea was something new and different - let a player assume the role of a country's president, and let the players negotiate and face their opponents. As being the president, they will fly over to meetings, talk to their ministers, create their domestic and foreign policies and so on and so forth.

I've got two questions for all of you out there - one, would you participate in such an RP? (if not - why?) and two - if you ARE interested, I have two scenarios available - one takes place in 1991, where the Berlin wall didn't fall and Gorbachev was assassinated, and the cold war is going at full swing.
The second is something I put together. It takes place in the year 2024, when a series of unfortunate events made the USA become totalitarian, gather allies and take on the modern west. I'll give more details later on, should you be interested.

So, what's it gonna be? 1991, 2024 or neither?
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I'd be up for this, always like the idea of commanding my owm country. Quick question, will we get to select the names of the country or will we all be given one randomly?
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