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So this is my list so far... I haven't had a chance to play any games yet, so I'm sure it will change when I do:

Legion Praetor in Cataphractii armour
-Paragon Blade

Legion Centurian
-Librarian (Mastery Level 2)

-Twin Linked Lascannons
-Fist with bolter
-Havoc missile launcher

Legion Veteran Squad x5
-Sargent with thunderhammer and volkite
-Missile launcher

2 Legion Terminator Squads x5
-Sargent with Pheonix Blade

Fast Attack:
Legion Bike Squad x4

Heavy Support:
Legion Heavy Support Squad x5
-Lascannons (or Volkite, depending on the enemy)

Land Raider Proteus
-Heavy bolter
-Extra Armour
-Havoc Launcher
-Augury Web

Total points: 1895

I'm also considering making one of the bikers a chaplain or adding a tactical squad. I would like to add Fulgrim and some Pheonix Guard, or at least one of the other Emperor's Children characters. Any thoughts?
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