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1850pt Dark Angels and Imperial Knights

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So i want to start on a new painting project and this time instead of a unit of one of model i want to do an army (with a small model count). I want to enter it into tournaments and go for best painted etc. I am however a competitive soul so want an army that can play well too. To keep the model count down i started with Imperial knights and added allies. I am not even sure if this list is legal (Detachments confuse me). For my allies i have selected Red Hunters

Imperial Knight Detachment (Primary Detachment):
Knight Errant: 370 Points
Knight Castigator: 380 Points
Knight Acheron: 415 Points

Combined Arms detachment:
HQ – Sammael on Sableclaw: 200 Points

TROOPS - 3 Bikes: 100 Points
2 Meltaguns,
TROOPS - 3 Bikes: 100 Points
2 Meltaguns,

ELITE - Mortis Dradnought: 125 Points
2x Twin linked Autocannon
ELITE - Mortis Dradnought: 125 Points
2x Twin linked Autocannon

Inquisitorial Detachment:
HQ – Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: 34 Points
3 Servo Skulls

Total: 1849 Points

There we have it, the bikes are used to capture objectives and protect my knights from vector strikes if need be by lining up in columns spaced out behind the knights to stop the vector striker from being able to place there base behind my knight. The Mortis' provide my AA

What do you think?


I am thinking the best place to spend 100 points would be on an Inquisitor to gain Divination to my force, thoughts?
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Doesn't work, as Sammael only makes Bikes Troops in a Primary Detachment. Sucks, but you're only missing out on making one of your Knights 3++/WS5, which isn't a *massive* loss.
Doesnt it also mean my knights are no longer scoring?
No, everything always scores. I don't see why it wouldn't stop anything Scoring.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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