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Having a game fairly soon against Blood Angels. I've only played him once and to my liking, it was a blood bath. Close combat by his turn 1. AWESOME! Anyway, my army was a little more shooty over CC but still managed to claw out a win (by 1 VP). Anyway, I've decided on this army list:


Eliphas the Inheritor (Lord): MoN, Blade of the Relentless, Slaughters Horns, Daemon Heart, SoC, plasma pistol (just because). - 195

Vendath the Unforgiving (Sorcerer): MoS, Lvl3 psyker, SoC, force staff, plasma pistol (i know.....) Balestar, melta bombs - 195


9x CSM: CCW instead of bolters, MoS, Rhino w/ Dirge - 195 Joined by Vendath

7x Plague Marines: 2x Melta, combi-melta, Rhino w/ Dirge - 238 Joined by Eliphas


3x Bikers: MoN, 2x Melta - 108

Helldrake: flamer - 170


Predator: A/C turret and HB Sponsons, combi-bolter - 100

3x Obliterators: MoN - 228



Daemon Prince: MoK, 2x greater gifts, 1x lesser gift, warp forged armour - 230


19x Bloodletters - 190.

Now this SHOULD be 1849 points.

Due to this being a force organised chart, all my models are scoring (correct? as per 7th ed). I have a pretty solid set of CC guys in the Daemon Prince and his bloodletter retinue, plus my lord and his nurgle squad AND my slaanesh marines. Bikers should be able to do a bit with CC too, if not just pick off a few guys with melta shots. Drake is here for AA with vector strikes and finishing off any stragglers, Predator and oblits are for dealing with long range gear (hopefully a few shots before he gets too close)

I had a similar list without the oblits and daemon prince, i had a vindicator, Skulltaker and another squad of Plague Marines instead. Not sure which would be the right list. Anyway, tips and criticism welcome. Cheers guys
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