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So be it.
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Hello Heresy!

This past weekend I played an 1850 tournament at Maplewood Hobby with my Blood Angels. It was my first series of games in a while so I was a bit rusty, but it turned out pretty okay. Plus it got me painting.

My list, using the BA detachment.

96 - Sanguinary Priest (WL) - Valours Edge, BP, JP

190 - 5x SG - Banner
175 - Fragioso - Frag, HF, DP w/ locator beacon

245 - 10x Tac. - PF, MG, ML, Rhino
70 - 5x Scouts - Snipers, cloaks

235 - 10x RAS - 2x Melta, PF, Vet
200 - 10x RAS - 2x Flm, 2x HF
135 - 5x Bikers - 2x Grav

230 - Storm Raven - MM/AC/HB
135 - Baal - AC/HB
135 - Vindicator - overcharged, SB


As you can see, a very tactical list -- tools for most threats, plus lots of models for objective grabbing. The tournament used the adepticon maelstrom cards and mission pack. Unfortunately, the tournament allowed literally anything. Unlimited CADs, unbound, LoW w/o restriction... whatever you want. The winning list at 4 flyrants with a bunch of other stuff, the second place had a revenant titan and three wraithknights.

Game 1 - I played my friends Demons, but he brought along a wraithknight because... well... why not, I guess.

His list was approximately:
2 Nurgle Demon Princes
a Wraithknight
a ton of flesh hounds

I knew I would have to win on objectives, as I couldn't really handle that many MCs.

Deployment: my scouts went in some ruins over an objective, my assault marines prepped for charging, my tactical marines split up on the right and left to grab objectives, and my tanks prepared for cover fire. I had the first turn.

Turn 1: My fragioso dropped and killed like six dogs? My assault marines moved up (too far, I later learned), as did my tactical marines. I took a wound off Belakor.

On his turn, his dogs charged my assault marines (I wanted that to happen to leave my other units open to grab objectives), and his warlord with the grimoir attacked the other one (that one was not part of the plan). Invisibility went off on both (I hate that spell). His wraithknight decided to take on the tactical marines on the right.

Turn 2: I charged my SG into the dogs just to keep them tied up (also if I got 3 charges I got 2 points), and moved to take objectives with my vehicles and bikes. I took another wound off belakor, and one or two off of the wraithknight. I also moved my fragioso to attack his warlord - t5 and no EW meant that one wound would kill him.

Invisibility went off again, and his wraithknight failed a charge against the tactical marines.

Turn 3: I tried to shoot some stuff, and then my three remaining tactical marines on the right charged his wraithknight. Why? I didn't want him charging me, or shooting next turn. In a stroke of good fortune, I dealt two wounds, and he dealt none! We stayed in combat until next turn.

His wraithknight killed nothing. His warlord tried failed once again to kill the fragioso (who thanks to invisibility couldn't hit back either). I killed a few dogs, nothing of note.

Turn 4: His wraithknight killed two marines, and the remaining missile launcher bearer fled to the edge of the ruins. My dreadnought lost a hull point. I got Belakor down to one wound.

He drew a "kill something with shooting" objective as well as an objective card for the one by the tactical marines. He got those two, as well as first blood by killing the Tac. He then killed the dreadnought in the assault phase anyway, but still.

Turn 5: I killed his wraithknight with combined shooting (it was down a few wounds anyway), and moved to contest any objectives. I realized too late, though, that there were two that I couldn't get to.

He spawned some demonettes and threw them on an objective to tie the game.

Final results: We tied, so we each scored 15 battle points. I should have won -- if I'd played better I would have -- but it was a good game anyways, so I don't mind too much.

Game 2 - I played against a list with a baneblade, two demon princes (Belakor and a nurgling), and four fliers (a raven, two talons and a vendetta). Unbound af, obviously. I knew going in that this would be tough - since this round was killpoints, I knew I'd have a hard time getting any other than the baneblade and maybe a demon or two, plus maybe a flier if my raven came in late. I had turn one again.

Deployment: It was the diagonal one. I deployed my tactical marines in a rhino and the bikes behind a big wall, and the scouts in a ruin (I just wanted to make sure they didn't die). They were also on an objective - the secondary objective was two points per objective captured at the end of the game.

I don't really want to do a turn by turn as it's pretty depressing. Highlights of the game: I finally killed the baneblade, and it blew up and flew onto his demon prince. Those were my only 5 points the whole game. He destroyed my entire army, other than the scouts, for a 30-0 win. I could have played better, but it was also a damned tough matchup so I don't feel too bad.

Game 3 - I played against 9 Obliterators, a Sorceror, and AETAOS’RAU’KERES. Thankfully this mission was maelstrom again.

Deployment: I had the first turn, so I set up my three tanks side by side with Assault Marines all around, and bikes on the right flank. Scouts and Tac. went for objectives. He had the big guy towards the front, and the obliterators at least 36.5 inches from my vindicator (they were 2w t5 2+ save, or in other words perfect targets for s10 ap1 large blasts). Then... He stole. I gulped. He laughed, and kinda felt bad, but there was no remorse.

Turn 1 - He promptly annihilated all three tanks and a few assault marines with his Staff of Cataclysm. He also killed 3 bikers with lascannon fire from the obliterators on the right - at least I had the grav alive. They fell back, though, so they couldn't get up too far.

I moved my assault marines up, sending the flamers to distract the big demon. I tried to drop the pod on an objective, but it scattered away. The dreadnought burrowed in cover for a bit.

0-2, him

Turn 2 - He assaulted the flamer squad and killed most of them.

I got some lucky objective cards, and weathered some fire before annihilated the obliterators.


Turn 3 - He finished off the assault marines and killed some tactical marines. The obliterators shot at the dreadnought, and took 2 hullpoints and the CC weapon.

I tried to attack the big guy - terrible move. I didn't really do anything. My raven came in, at least. And I drew the "3 assaults 2 points" card, as well as a "slay the warlord" card, so I charged his second obliterator squad, challenged his warlord with mine, and killed the whole unit.

7-3, me

Turn 4 - He shot at my assault marines and killed a few, and then assaulted my commander with his big demon because of a kingslayer card. You can guess what happened. As a result, he got to summon some demonettes.

I got some "lucky" objective cards - I say "lucky" because I controlled 5/6 of the objectives anyway. But still. I also killed most of the new demonettes.

9-6, me

Turn 5 - He drew the "assassinate' card, and I chose my raven, thinking "heh he won't be able to kill it, he has no flier defense." He decided to vector strike with the big demon, and killed it. Whoops. He also killed all but one assault marine.

At least I got some objectives.

Final score: 13-8, me.

I had 7 tactical marines in two groups, 5 scouts, and one assault marine alive. He had his big demon and three obliterators. Objectives ftw. Battle points went 20-10.

In total: I had 35 battle points and came in 6th out of 8. All in all, it was a crazy tournament, and I wasn't prepared for the shenanigans that would ensue. It was good to play again though.

So be it.
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You're over by 10 points here. At first I thought you had the Flamer squad under valued, but this was it.
Thanks for the catch!

What did you find the list was lacking the most, or do you feel it had more to do with your decision making?
I think my list is pretty solid in general, but knowing that unbound/unlimited everything were in order I would have preferred to focus more on that. i.e. no flamers on the RAS (they fired 0 times in all three games...) and maybe no fragioso, probably a second raven would have been nice instead. In games one and three though, it was just my decision making (game 2 was a wash...). Game one was not the best, game three was still not amazing but generally much better.

What. Wait, what? What the hell was Fatey doing on the ground? Had you grounded him or something?
Fateweaver wasn't actually the warlord - he had a nurgle demon with the grimoir for that. Not quite sure why.

So he just handily played the outdated rules for the fellow? Or was he outright cheating, fielding the fellow from Imperial Armor 13 in a list where the Daemon Lord was more than 25% of his points? (or perhaps some sort of dispensation from the Tourney runner?) Ah well, at least you beat him.
Huh. I was unaware. On the upside it turned out okay and was a fun game. On the downside... Aww...

It was fun overall though. My list was the least cheesy by far (The only single CAD I think other than the one with the titan), but I still did pretty okay. A good way to get back into the game

So be it.
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Yeah dude, when someone shows up with a stomp-faces Unbound list there isn't much you can do but hold onto your hat and roll the dice. I haven't played two assault squads since the new Codex was released (maybe once) but it's always been kitted Melta. If I ever ran two I'd still run one as the Flamer variant, though I face lots of infantry units where flame templates are handy. Either way, since your games are what they are I'd wager dropping the flame-assault squad for another Stormraven would be a solid choice.

Unless it's my fucking jerk of a Stormraven who consistently rolls 1's in spite of twin-linked weapons.
Interesting idea. Realistically it's probably a good idea (they haven't done much), especially since I still have the fragioso. I'd like to keep the bodies though.

Would you be interested in dropping the Baal and the Scout squad for two 10 man Tactical squads in Rhinos? You might have to drop your PF down to some MBs, but I have been loving my 10 man squads in Rhinos.[/quote]

Thus... possibly this. On the one hand, I absolutely love my scouts. They don't kill much but they don't die either, and that's not nothing. I'll work with points, see what happens.

*EDIT* I played with points and I found away to do it without dropping the scouts (which is nice). Thoughts?

95 - Sanguinary Priest (WL) - Valours Edge, JP

190 - 5x SG - Banner
165 - Fragioso - Frag, HF, DP

210 - 10x Tac. - MG, ML, Rhino
205 - 10x Tac. - Flm, ML, Rhino
70 - 5x Scouts - Snipers, cloaks

225 - 10x RAS - 2x Melta, PF, Vet
135 - 5x Bikers - 2x Grav

230 - Storm Raven - MM/AC/HB
200 - Storm Raven - MM/LC
125 - Vindicator - overcharged
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