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~ Damocles Command Rhino (FW)

~ Bjorn [Helfrost Cannon, Warlord] (Lucius Pod w/ Legacies of Glory: Isstan V Dropsite Massacre)

~ Iron Priest (Grimnars) [3x Cyberwolves, Digital Weapons, Thunderwolf]
~ Iron Priest [2x Cyberwolves, Digital Weapons, Thunderwolf]
~ 6x Fenrisian Wolves

~ Runepriest (Grimnars) [Runic Axe, Fellclaws Teeth]
~ Iron Priest w/ 4x Servitors
~ Stormwolf [2x Multimeltas]

~ Njal (Grimnars) [Terminator, Biomancy]
~ Ulrik (Grimnars)
~ 5x Grey Hunters (Plasmagun) w/ Terminator Pack Leader [Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Storm Shield] in Pod

~ 8x Grey Hunters (1x Chainsword, Power Fist, Meltagun) w/ Terminator Pack Leader [Combi Melta, Melta Bombs, Storm Shield] in Pod

(Considering swapping out Power Fist to load up both pods with deathwind missile launchers instead... or perhaps adding more Wolves to Iron Priest unit)


Grimnars War Council formation within the list gains reroll deployment dice, w/ Bjorn makes for a 3+ Sieze. All Grimnars IC's have Fearless.

Turn 1:
• GH's drop turn 1, Njal running into larger group of GH's immediately (FnP w/ Eternal Warrior is ideal power, makes them tough as nails).
• Dual Iron Priests blob w/ FenWolves makes as much distance as possible, to meet 2nd turn CC.
• Damocles unloads Orbital Strike, hides as best as possible (it's ok to lure).

Turn 2:
• If Damocles is still around then Stormwolf and Bjorn arrive on a 2+ (Bjorn falls w/o scattering into 4+ terrain for 3rd turn CC, 2+ Coversaves from Shroud)
• Stormwolf Jinks w/ Autorepair from IP inside - they'll assault 3rd turn w/ lots of AP1 CC and Force weapon, MC's beware!

This makes for a very fluffy army - containing every type of model besides bikes and jumppacks (I'm customizing JumpPacks to be Objective Dice holders, and who needs bikes when ya got WOLVES!)

Thank you so much for your advice!
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