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If the intent it to run competative with this... either will work since you're squeezing in a shitload of firepower in both lists... I like the first better cause it's more shooty...

I think Bjorn is a massive point sink. He's the cost of 3 Typhoons... So you're taking a hit to put a super expensive HQ into your mix.... but if you love the model then you should play him...

In both lists, I think you're dumping too much into the Rune Priest... I think they're better if kept cheaper...

Taking Emperor's Tarot is OK... but I don't think it's necessary... I'd rather add in more shooting than go first...

Overall, both are tough lists... But I think you could optimize a bit more...

For a shootyness comparison here's my 1850 Shooty Wolves List
Rune Priest with 8 GH in Rhino (Melta PW)
3 GH in Razorbacks
3 Rifleman Dreads
3 ML Longfangs
3 Typhoons
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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