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certainly not the list i would build but i can see its effectiveness.

personally, i like having PF in CSM squads if they're meant to be in CC, even with NM as being tied up by a high toughness opponent sucks.

with the same idea, i'd use Doom Sirens as well.

i'm not sure i would use Dreads with MM, but then again, if you put them out in the very front of your army, they be be useful.

CC Defilers are not bad.

the biggest problem with this list is lack of long range fire support, and it would be simply remove Defilers and add Oblits, but i don't think that's the answer. the list would lose something fluid about it if you're going for fluff.

which way are you wanting to go with this? more assault oriented or more shooty?

that would help give you advice.

good hunting.
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