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Hi this is my first space wolf list and I would love some feed back I am using the The Wolfs Unleashed detachment so that's why I have 3 HQ`s is Lucius the trickster and blood claws good or not. I am using the detachments cunning of wolf rule to get him into enemy territory territory to do some damage well thanks for taking your time to see my work byyy.
Canis WolfBorn-185pt
Njal Stormcaller-180pt
Bjorn FellHand-Twin Lascannon-225pt

Lukas The Trickster-80pt
15xBlood Claws-1xPower Fist-97pt
10xGrey Hunters-Land Raider-390

1xVenerable-GreatWolf Claw-Drop Pod-125
1xVenerable-GreatWolf Claw-Drop Pod-125
5xWolf Guard1xLeader-Drop Pod-143

Fast Attack-240

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Hello there young blood claw! Nice to see a new face in our comfy space wolf tavern!
It seems you were in such a rush to write the list down you forgot to pause for breath!

Just a quick comment before I start going over your list. Your points are out on a few of your units.

The blood claw unit you describe should be 205pts (15 guys plus a power fist)
The wolf guard should also be 125pts (there is no leader upgrade)
Both Dreadnoughts should 160pts (dreadnought + venerable upgrade + claw + drop pod)

So I make this list 1950pts, 100pts off what you intended. As for the list itself...well...I feel it could do with a little tweeking.

As I'm not sure about the rest of your collection or what the list is for I'll comment on the units you have provided.

First thing I notice is that you have the makings of a "Brethren of the Fell-Handed" formation. This can be found in the Champions of Fenris supplement book. Take Bjorn and a 2 venerable dreadnoughts and all of them gain Adamantium Will, Sagaborn (Characters must always accept and issue challenges). As long as the venerable dreadnoughts are within 6" of Bjorn, they also gain a 5+ invulnerable save on all facings. Finally, the dreadnoughts gain re-rolls to hit in combat (which complements your re-rolls to wound very well!).

For no extra points you could take the formation, take the wolfguards drop pod off them and give it Bjorn. Have Bjorn and one dreadnought drop down turn 1 near each other and then the enemy has a serious problem to deal with! The 2nd can then join the fray afterwards.

Having trouble determining where Njal is actually going. Is he joining the grey hunters? I assume that's the case so you increase your chance of getting outflank. What psychic discipline is he going for? That can effect where he wants to be in the army. I honestly think that three rune priests are more useful than Njal as it spreads the psychic love around your army and gets Adamantium Will over a larger area of your force. But that's more of a personal choice. He can be quite fun.

Canis wolfborn...see I the model and the rules, even if I think the name is ridiculous (Fear Wolf wolfborn!). But for 5pts more you can get Harald Deathwolf, who gets a 3+ invulnerable save, the leadership bubble, outflank, immunity to pyromancy (err...good?), and an ap2 weapon. Only real downside is dropping striking last in an assault due to unwieldly. I would seriously consider deathwolf instead wolfborn.

Lukas...lukas lukas lukas...He is a fun character. Never considered him as being a way of getting outflank into a unit of blood claws before, that's something to think about for sure! He will add a bit of a kick to that unit for sure. I have never seen him do that much though! And for 80pts you really need him to pull his weight, give him a go and see how he does. However, I would suggest getting a wolf priest or Ulrik the slayer into that big unit of blood claws. Preferred enemy, fearless and 6+ feel no pain on a big unit that size is going to take some beating.

Speaking of the bloodclaws...why are they foot slogging? Sure, you have a 50:50 chance of getting outflank. But what happens when they don't get it? You have a large point sink unit walking up the board when your grey hunters are sitting cosy in an ASSAULT vehicle. I'd give the claws the landraider so that they can take advantage of it.

The wolf guard really seem out of place here, I'd drop them to get some points back. If you go for the fell-hand detachment they don't need it. And if you don't, you can give it to the grey hunters who now need some transport.

Thunderwolves. Love them to pieces, they should serve you well. I would try and get some storm shields on them if I were you however. With how cheap the shields are and how much attention the enemy should give them it is a wise investment. If not, I'd try and get a least a wolf claw or thunder hammer so that you have some ap2/3.

I realise that was a fair ramble! Apologies! I'll sum up with a couple of lists using the models you have presented with some of my suggestions:
List 1
HQ - 185pts
Canis Wolfborn

Troops - 675pts
Blood Claws (x15)
-1x Power fist

Lukas The Trickster

Grey Hunters (x10)

Fast Attack - 240pts
ThunderWolf cavalry (x3)

ThunderWolf cavalry (x3)

Formation: - 540pts
Brethren of the Fell-Handed
Bjorn FellHand
-Twin Lascannon
-Drop pod

-GreatWolf Claw
-Drop Pod

-GreatWolf Claw
-Drop Pod

This leaves you with 210pts to make it up to 1850pts
You need an extra HQ unit to make this legal with the Space wolf detachment. So you could very easily bring back stormcaller if you want to use him.
If you drop one blood claw you could get a wolf priest into that unit for the nice boost to assault.
As for the left over points, I'd stick some into the thunder wolves to get some low AP weapons or some storm shields.
If you have another transport, such as a rhino that would be really useful for the grey hunters.
And of course you have 5pts to upgrade wolfborn to deathwolf if you fancy.

List 2
Exactly the same as the first but you ditch the formation and bring back Bjorn as your HQ and the dreadnoughts as elites choices.
Advantage of this is that you have 210pts to spend on anything, you have your 2 HQ units you need.

Hope my thoughts are some assistance! Be very interested to see what you think! And hope to see you in the near future wolf brother!

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