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Hi everyone,

The Khorne Daemonkin has been out for a while and I decided to make a list out of it. I don't think is too competitive but unit dying in my rush list are dying for something. So, whitout further due, here is the list I come up with:

Slaughtercult: 822pts

Chaos Lord 250pts
Blood-forged Armour, Juggernaut, Axe of Khorne, PowerFist, Sigil of Corruption

Same as last time, a killing machine. He will be the warlord and I give him the fist in case I come up against Hight Toughness. The Armour means I don't need to be scared of Grey Knight anymore (I play a lot against them) but I might want to change it for the Axe of Ruine. This will save me some points and I might be able to denie the Warlord Kill.

8x Chaos Cultist 63pts

Blood Tithe Points and Objectifs holder, and I had 5 points left so I give them a flamer.

1x Chaos Spawn 32pts
1x Chaos Spawn 32pts

Two Chaos Spawn just because they are annoying, fast, "hard to kill", and can actually do something in combat. They are also Blood tithe points

5x Possessed 185pts

I like the possessed, maybe expensive but hit hard on the charge

8x Bloodletter 80pts

I put this guys in because I want a unit able to DeepStrick where I need them. They can DS in an objectif or be nuisance.

8x CSM 180pts
Boltguns, 1 Meltagun, MeltaBomb Rhino

I painted the model and I would like to use them. Also, maybe I should give them CCW?

Gorepack: 602pts

3x Chaos Bikers 101pts
3x Chaos Bikers 101pts
2 Meltaguns and Melta bombs each unit

Two unit of this guy to open some tanks for me to charge!

15x Flesh Hounds 240pts

They will scout my lord to get him into CC. Do 15 are overkill? 10 might be enough.

5x Flesh Hounds 80pts
5x Flesh Hounds 80pts

Two more units of this guys to be a nuisance. I beleive that this guys can deal with unit used for support fire.

3x War Engine: 425pts

Maulerfiend 130pts
Magma Cutters

Maulerfiend 140pts
Lasher Tendrils

Soul Grinder 155pts
Baleful Torrent, Harvester Cannon

They will all run up the board with teh Soulgrinder giving some supporting fire and Anti-air.

And, this is 1849 point total. So, what do you think?
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