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1850 point Be'lakor list

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So, as i've been re-immersing myself in 40k, I noticed that Big Bad Bella got some pretty neat rules, and having a fondness for chaos marines, I decided to brainstorm a list that uses him. I'm still sketchy on the rules for 7th, but the general premise of the list should remain unchanged. It's designed around a lot of mid-range firepower, with Be'lakor providing Invisibility and close combat punchiness to give the opponent a bit to think about.

Be'lakor, The Dark Master: 350pts
Speaks for himself, he costs a shit tonne of points, but holy christ is he worth it. Guaranteed invisibility is just too damn good to pass up. So ideally he either gives a unit nearby invisibility, along with nuking some MEQs with psychic shriek. If he's going to be charging then he'll cast invisibility on himself and Terrify the unit he's charging, which is a very nice compliment to his warlord trait.
Chaos Sorcerer: Force Sword, Mastery Level 3, Telepathy: 110pts
Looking for invisibility with this guy, obviously, and generating some more dice for be'lakor to have fun with. He'll try to shroud himself and the noise marines who will be holed up in some cover, and just generally be a pest. for 110 points you can't go wrong
10 Noise Marines: Blastmaster, 8 Sonic Blasters, Meltabombs, Rhino, Dirge Caster: 280pts
10 Noise Marines: Blastmaster, 8 Sonic Blasters: 235pts
No cover? Yes please. Barrage the enemy with all of those shots, including the beautiful blastmaster, while sitting in cover being shrouded by the Sorcerer

20 Cultists: 17 Autoguns 2x Heavy Stubbers: 117pts
Backfield objective sitters mainly, not much to see here. can be used as a blob to tie down small enemy units
20 Cultists: 2x Flamers: 100pts
slightly more offensive than the other unit, and will hopefully be shrouded by Bella to make them more durable
10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Meltaguns, Gift of Mutation, Meltabombs, Rhino, Dirge Caster: 215pts
10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Meltaguns, Gift of Mutation, Meltabombs, Rhino, Dirge Caster: 215pts
The gift is there mainly because i want another daemon prince :laugh: and had some points to spare. These guys are my objective grabbers, and will be assisted in their march by the big man himself. 2 meltaguns to take care of any av14 that's knocking around

Heavy Support
1x Obliterators: Mark of Nurgle: 76pts
1x Obliterators: Mark of Nurgle: 76pts
1x Obliterators: Mark of Nurgle: 76pts
individual units just to allow for target selection, mark of nurgle to stop instagibbing from lascannons and missiles mainly, also making them much better at holding off small arms fire. These guys will be aiming for transports, but their utility weapons mean they'll be useful against almost all targets

So that's about the summary of it, the list is designed to be comptetive, but It's also capable of bringing some fun shenanigans to the table. Anyone have any thoughts on it, positive or negative?
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You're unsure on 7th, eh? Well, Be'lakor benefitted from the edition change, making him better than ever. Jink is now 4+ (but snap shots your next turn)--so with shrouded, old Be'lly is getting a 2+ cover save always--and he no longer has even a witchfire in the form of Puppet Master, so no consequences. And additionally, he has the Shrouding power that can give another unit that can jink (say, Bikers) a 2+ cover save as well, if you feel so inclined. I think it's worth the points.

You are aware that FAQs let you take 2 blastmasters in a 10-NM squad, right? MORE BLASTMASTERS! I'd argue that those sonic blasters are somewhat wasted inside the rhinos, though--only blastmasters will be firing, and the turn you disembark the SBs will only be salvoing...

I don't know if you need a SlaLord, myself. The only difference is that the NMs would become super-scoring rather than just scoring. I mean, you could save some points on cultists... But you'd have to spend those points on the SlaLord.
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So Be'lakor gets a 2+ save all the time? holy shit that's good, I didn't realise that, i thought jink was still 5+. Lovely. Would a Heldrake be a good option to take to take advantage of Be'lakor's shrouding psychic power? I know they aren't quite as good this edition but they're still pretty decent and with a 2+ cover save it would be incredibly difficult to take down.
Uuuuum nope. Since, though Jink is 4+, now, it also means you have to Snap fire next turn, so... No Baleflamer or terrible HAC fire. Plus Vector Strike has been nerfed. And there was an FAQ that made the flamer a hull-mounted weapon with 45 degree pivot rather than a 360 degree base-mounted turret. Though the Drake is more survivable thanks to the new vehicle pen table.

Though, um, Nurgle Daemon Promces are much in the same boat as Be'lakor. Just with slow and purposeful as well as shrouded.

Also worth noting: re 7e changes is the fact that if you Swooped with an FMC last turn, unless you were Grounded* during the enemy turn, you can't assault. You can't assault the turn you change from Swooping to Gliding.

*Grounding. Oh yeah. Only if you got wounded, now, and only once at the end of the Shooting Phase. Not every time you're hit. Yay, no more "markerlights in the eyes to come crashing down"!
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