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It's an imaginative, and fast, looking list, and I like the use of Bluetoof. He's an unusual Boss choice, but worth it to take the extra, independent mob of lootas.
Have you thought of using Gunwagons instead of Battlewagons?
For 60 points each, (+ 10 points for reinforced Ram and Kannon if you upgrade) you have a tough, versatile vehicle.
Your 5x Trukks & 2 Battlewagons come to about 410 points. 7 GunWagons, without upgrades cost 420 points.
With AV13 front and AV12 side, they are a considerable improvement on Trukks, armour wise, but not as impressive as Battlewagons. Just a thought.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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