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Big Mek with SAG, Bike, Git Finda and 3 ammo runts (124)
Big Mek with SaG, Bike, Git FInda and 3 ammo runts (124)

PainBoy Bike, Grot Orderly and Ammo Runt (83)

12 hard boyz- Nob, PK, bosspole trukk with ram (195)
12 hard boyz- Nob, PK bosspole, trukk with ram (195)

5 warbikes- Nob, PK (125)
13 tank bustas- Nob, bosspole, 2 bomb squigs (194)
6 MegaNobs- 2 killsaws (260) Battlewagon 4 rokkits (130)

4 buggies with rokkits (100)
4 buggies with rokkits (100)

Battlewagon with 4 rokkits (130) tankbustas ride in here

3 tractor kannons (90)

The idea is everything but the tractor kannons can race across the board for up close in your face bashing by turn 2. The Meks with SAG's can fire from range at anything not engaged but quickly move if needed. Hopefully this will be enough targets for my opponent to have trouble figuring out what to shoot at. the tractors deal with flyers.

Any comments suggestion for changes greatly appreciated.

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Reading through this i certainly don't see any gapeing holes in the list, apart from the possiblity that the list may struggle against some form of massed infantry, with the lower infantry could it doesn't even have the standard ork way of anti-infantry via ammount of boys.

So only two real comments that could be adjusted mainly apon what you may be facing, massed low armour infantry maybe swaping some of the higher point units such as the mega nobs for more boys and possibly changingnthw buggies to skorchas.

Only other idea as more for a idea for efficienty splitting the tank bustas into a 6 and 7 man groups if you can find points to spread the shots a little more efficiently.

Thats all
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