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1850 Ork Fast list

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Hey all,

Trying to compose a list for this weekend for a few 1850 games with some friends, attached armies only, maelstorm setting. Here is what I have come up with:

1st CAD
Warboss - Da Lucky Stick, Warbike, bosspole
Painboy - Warbike
2 x Boyz with 11 boyz & 1 boss nob (powerklaw, bosspole) with a trukk with reinforced ram.
Dakkajet with 3 x twin-linked supa shootas
Warbikes with 8 x bikers & 1 nob (powerklaw)
Lootas with 11 x lootas & 1 mek
Battlewagon with 2 x rokkits and reinforced ram

2nd CAD
Boss Zagstruk
2 x Gretchins with 10 x grots & 1 Runtherd
Lootas with 11 x Lootas & 1 x Mek
Battlewagon with 2 x rokkits and reinforced ram

Going to put the warboss and painboy with the bikers, lootas in the battle wagons. Using the Lootas for ranged support to blow up some transports and light vehicles, bikers to charge in and blow up some heavy vehicles or engage in enemies, absorbing overwatch, boyz coming is next to support the assaults, and grots to hold objectives. Thoughts?
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Yeah drop boss zagstruck and take something better. He will die by himself in a heartbeat.
A big mek with a SAG or some rokkit buggies would be much better in this army. A big mek with a KFF on a bike to give the bikes an additional save.
I like the idea of the stormboys now I would keep them even though they can't deepstrike anymore. This will give you two fast hard hitting units the bikes and the stormboys. I would drop the ram from the battlewagons and take grot riggers since you are using the battlewagons for mobile cover and not rushing up the board the riggers will help repair the wagon should it need it.
As Techpr1est said start the grots in reserve. People like to kill them. Also with grots if anything gets near them have them shot at it. My grots have managed to kill many things that my opponent did not expect.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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