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1850 Ork Fast list

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Hey all,

Trying to compose a list for this weekend for a few 1850 games with some friends, attached armies only, maelstorm setting. Here is what I have come up with:

1st CAD
Warboss - Da Lucky Stick, Warbike, bosspole
Painboy - Warbike
2 x Boyz with 11 boyz & 1 boss nob (powerklaw, bosspole) with a trukk with reinforced ram.
Dakkajet with 3 x twin-linked supa shootas
Warbikes with 8 x bikers & 1 nob (powerklaw)
Lootas with 11 x lootas & 1 mek
Battlewagon with 2 x rokkits and reinforced ram

2nd CAD
Boss Zagstruk
2 x Gretchins with 10 x grots & 1 Runtherd
Lootas with 11 x Lootas & 1 x Mek
Battlewagon with 2 x rokkits and reinforced ram

Going to put the warboss and painboy with the bikers, lootas in the battle wagons. Using the Lootas for ranged support to blow up some transports and light vehicles, bikers to charge in and blow up some heavy vehicles or engage in enemies, absorbing overwatch, boyz coming is next to support the assaults, and grots to hold objectives. Thoughts?
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agreed, unless you plan on putting in at least 10 stormboyz to accompany him, he will be destroyed.

also a tip with the grots I like to do is put them in reserve. lets the horde advance a bit and doesn't take up deployment space. also some players tend to target them straight up because they will flee easier and if that happens you have lost an objective holder in turn 1.

other than that good dakka
oooooh not 5 not 10 not 15 but 20 stormboyz!!!

damm thats going to be a hard hitting unit if it survives the amount of fire itll receive. im not sure if you can deep strike them though, i know in the 5th ed orks you had to deepstrike em if you put zagstrukk in but im pretty sure that rule got taken out with the new dex.

he is going to be so good with those stormboyz, id take it for fun. but im pretty sure that is a tactically sound option.

i would definitely go for it

i always had this life goal of taking like a 100 stormboyz with zagstrukk to a game and playing Flight of the Valkyries on a portable speaker as i move them across the board

sorry im blabbing on
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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