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Welcome to the forum.

The list is a good start.

First of all, why do you have both DP and EA on your Land Raider? There is literally NO benefit having EA if you are taking DP. Drop the EA and spend the points on something else.

Secondly, you only have 2 Troop choices. At 1850 you really need 3-4 of them.
Consider dropping the Raptors and/or Havocs in favour of more Plaguemarines.

As for your Terminators, if you are going to give them combi-weapons then dont bother giving them Lightning Claws.
If you are running them in a Land Raider, then consider running them with something like...
3x Pairs of lightning claws
2x Combi-melta + Power Fist.
Or else 4xLC and 1xPF/CM
Icon of Nurgle optional.

Troops would benefit from having a Champ with a Power Fist too.

Consider adding in some Oblits.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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