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1850 - newb list

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Hello im brand new would like a critique of this list please.

HQ {260}
Warboss{160} PK, S/Scr kombi, ASquig, CB, Bike
Big Mek {100} SAG

Har' boys{215} (11) 1xRL
- Truck RL, RPJ, Ram
2 x Boys{172 ea} (11) 1xRL
- Truck RL, RPJ, and Ram
Deffdread{105} due to BM 3 CCWs, 1 Scorcha
Gretchin{61} (17)
- Runtherder

ELITE {330}
Lootas{150} (10) BM attached to this squad
Burna Boys{180} (12)

Warbuggies{120} (1 squad of 3) 3xTLRL, 3xRPJ
Warbikers{190} (5) WB attached to this squad

Killer Kans{135} (1 squad of 3) 3xGrootzookas
Looted Wagon{85} for the BBs to ride in 1 scorcha 2xRL, GR,RPJ,Ram

adds up to 1845 if my math skills dont sux, any advice would be grea. I definately do not like footsloggin 30 boy troops though. thanks in advance.
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Ok your warboss is ok and the big mek should have a bosspole then your HQ would be ok. However, I would take anotehr unit of bikers to support the other unit.

Trukks are really weak and easy to put down so I would drop these because you have killa kanz and deff dreads which will be left behind, use the walkers then to form a kan wall to give your boyz a cover save, though if you do this then a KFF would be better with the big mek.

With the trukks gone you'll have only one for the burnas; which isn't brilliant. So change these for lootas and you've got more anti tank. Then switch the warbuggies to dethkopters and you've got a foot list instead of half.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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