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With a question regarding the knight...

Firstly, here's the list I've drawn up

HQ Knight Commander Pask 70

LR vanquisher with lascannon, melta sponsons 165

LR executioner with plasma cannon sponsons 185

T PCS with flamer, heavy flamer, chimera with 2 heavy flamers 110

Infantry squad with autocannon, grenade launcher, chimera 130

Infantry squad with autocannon, grenade launcher, chimera 130

T Veteran squad with two melta guns, chimera with 2 heavy flamers 145

F Vendetta 170

F Vendetta 170

HS Wyvern 65

HS Wyvern 65

Aegis with comm link 70

Allied; Imperial Knight Paladin 375


The aegis is primarily for the comm link for the vendettas. Pask is in the vanquisher for stuff like wave serpents, knights, land raiders and if necessary wraithknights, riptides, other MCs. Troops seem like the only controversial thing here but I have very few upgrades scattered about so points were limited. The two identical infantry squads can target infantry or light armour alike and take home objectives. Might put a heavy bolter on one of the turrets for variation but it seems barely worth commenting on.

The PCS is my own personal flair unit in an otherwise pretty default list, and just strikes me as a fun unit to field with three heavy flamers and one flamer torching anything nearby. I love the idea of sending it between two units and torching one with the chimera's flamers, the other with the PCS flamers and then shooting from one of the lasgun arrays.

The vet squad have more utility and if lucky could potentially pop a transport with meltaguns before shooting the occupants with the chimera flamers (and a lasgun array). Alternatively an independent character in a unit could lose his ablative wounds to the flamers before getting doubled out by a melta shot. In any case those are my forward OS units, but when they get taken down the infantry squads could always push up.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The knight is the main reason I made this thread (though other feedback on the list is very welcome). I'm curious to know if anybody thinks I could drop the knight and make up for it with alternative units from the codex. I'm not mad keen on the knight but do want to make a tournament standard list. I realise losing the CC potential is significant, but at least the shooting seems like it can be improved and I don't feel like a knight is that much tougher than a pair of russes and another wyvern. Here are some ideas I thought of with points saved on the knight

Vanquisher (meltas and lascannon)
LRBT (no sponsons)

Dropping a grenade launcher to make them fit. The LRBT and extra wyvern almost make up for the knight's rapid fire battle cannon but on top of that (and instead of the knight's CC ability) I have another vanquisher which will help with serpent spam and enemy knights. Potentially I could have the pask vanq on one side hitting the front armour and shield of a knight with the other vanq on the other flank getting a shot at side armour and no shield.

Eradicator (heavy bolter sponsons)
Demolisher (no sponsons)

The nova cannon, three heavy bolters, demolisher cannon and extra stormshard mortars more than make up for the knight's shooting. The demo cannon means I still have a source of S10 without the knight.

Eradicator (HB sponsons)
Vanquisher (MM sponsons, lascannon)

Slight variation on above but with no AP2 or 3 large blast anywhere in the army. Good against xenos but still has the executioner for power/termi armour. Maybe particularly good against serpent spam (or other mech guard)

Are any of the ideas above worthy of replacing the knight? Can you think of anything else in the AM codex for 375 points that will have the impact and staying power a knight has? Very curious to hear opinions here because I'd like to make a great list without an IK if possible, and I already have my nids for more friendly games. Cheers :good:

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THe thing I have found with IG is that while they make awesome allies they dont do well with allying in.
It seems they can cover lots of holes but their holes are much harder to patch. Ive tried to ally in BA and GK in 6th and then laid off of them so far in 7th.
The main thing about mech vets is they suck at close up work.
Drop pods can wreck your day or a good unit of assault troops etc.
Also vendettas are they worth it now?
Three las shots 2 of them are twin linked BUT how many times have they let me down? Many many times. BS 3 is rough, even tl.
I use to run 4-5 vet sqds in chimeras with auto cannon crews but Im thinking more of las cannons. I dont think your going to see many horde armies any more and if you do 2-3 wyverns and a manitcore makes horde jelly. The las cannons are for knights and other large tough vehicles/units.
Protecting the back field that is your question seems to me. I think a knight can do this I have never faced one BUT I have discussed this with alot of folks who have. They are susceptible to melta and las fire they can only put shield up on one side and it is a 4+ so 50/50 on top of that.
So there again drop pods and deep striking angels with grav guns inferno pistols and melta will make short work of a lone 350 point unit.
I would drop the grenade launchers and replace with melta.
THink I made more questions than I answered. But I think I would use more vet squads instead of allying in. UNLESS you ally in a psyker that can summon then maybe things get interesting.
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