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Chaos Lord w/ Mok, Axe of Blind Fury, Juggernaught, Sigil, Gift - 180
Chaos Sorcerer w/ ML3, Terminator armour, Burning Brand - 165

3x Chaos Terminators w/ 3x combi-melta, 1x chainfist, MoK - 119

10x Cultists - 50
10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1x plasma gun, 1x autocannon, VotLW, Melta bombs - 180
10x Chaos Space Marines w/ 1x plasma gun, 1x meltagun, VotLW, Power Axe,
Melta bombs - 195
in rhino w/ havoc launcher - 47

Heldrake w/ Hades autocannon - 175
Heldrake w/ baleflamer - 175
3x Chaos Spawn - 90

6x Havocs w/ 4x autocannon - 128
Autolas Pred - 115
2x Oblits w/ MoN - 152

Aegis Defence Line - 50
Quad Gun - 50


I am over 21 points and i have no clue what i should get rid of. I added the sorc and terminaters because i was looking at the list and not much in my list could get rid of models like a wraithnihgt without alot of work, and powers like psychic shriek will help alot in tht department. and the quad gun i have found to be really effective in every game i have played with the intercept rule
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