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Not a bad list mate.

Couple of points:

- Executioner: remove the heavy bolter sponsons. As you are only able to fire at one unit all those heavy bolter shots will do is allow your opponent to put those wounds on models they want alive (special weapons, power fists, etc) and then take all the plasma wounds on the standard guys. Either fit with plasma sponsons, or leave them at home and put a hull lascannon on.

- Basilisk; it's an OK choice but not great, you are much better off with a Manticore for the S10 multiple shot blast weapon. The AP3 of the Bassi is good but you'll almost certainly have to fire it directly due to the large minimum range and therefore it will be easier to get a cover save against its wounds.

Apart from that, I like this list. You could drop Demolitions doctrine from one or both of the vet squads and maybe try to add a commissar to one of the infantry squads so you have the option of combining them in a stubborn blob to protect your tanks/artillery.

You could also drop the chimera from the PCS and put them in a vendetta to make it scoring, but I like the squad as it is.
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