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1850 List Advice!

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Hi! My current Grey Knights army list of 1500pts looks like the following:

Nemesis Strike Force Detachment

x2 Librarians - LvL 3, D.Hammer, Storm-Bolter

x5 Grey Knight Terminators - Psycannon, D.Hammer, x4 Falchons

x5 Grey Knight Terminators - Psycannon, D.Hammer, x4 Falchons

x5 Paladins - x2 Psycannons, Apothacary

x2 Dreadknights - H.Psycannon, H.Incinerator, P.Teleporter, Great Sword.

I'm looking to add units onto the above list and increase the points value to 1850. I play aginast space marines very often however i would much rather have a well rounded list and not just talyor my army to fight well against another.

What would be good to add onto the above list? I feel as though i'm lacking low AP, long ranged weaponary (suprise suprise) I was thinking about two dreadnoughts with two twin-linked lascannons?

From the games i've played so far (against space marines) I'm finding it difficult to deal with all of the threats on the table that are either: low AP / high strength ranged weapons and also terminators with low AP close combat weapons (power fists)

What would be a goood addition(s) to my list? Bearing in mindI would prefer to keep it within the nemesis deatchment rules.
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I was considering both interceptors and also stormravens myself but i wasnt sure which route to take.

I havent played many games against vehicles so far but I can see myself maybe struggling to deal with them perhaps? Although im guessing it wouldnt be too difficult to deal with considering i have a decnt amount of psycannon shots going out.

when you say " You're at low model count already, so while they're nice models, in theory, you're better served by more standard Paladins"

Did you mean Terminators? That line confused me alittle.

I suppose I feel alittle frustrated at how easily my expensive units are killed if i'm playing agressive by deep striking the first turn into the enemy. I know I should expect to take alot of fire but someone spamming low ap weapons brings tears to my eyes :(
I'm thinking of this now..

Nemesis Strike Force

x1 Librarian - LvL 3, Storm-Bolter, w.stave
x1 Librarian -LvL 2 - Storm-Bolter, w.stave
x5 GKT - psycannon, hammer
x5 GKT - psycannon, hammer
x1 NDK - psycannon, incinerator, sword, p.teleporter
x1 NDK - psycannon, incinerator, sword, p.teleporter
x1 Storm Raven - lascannon, multi-melta
x1 Storm Raven - lascannon, multi-melta

Total = 1495 points

I think im OCD about having doubles of everything...
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Can i start the game with the stormravens deployed on the board? If not am i able to deep strike them in first turn with the nemesis strike force detachment rules?
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