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1850 List Advice!

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Hi! My current Grey Knights army list of 1500pts looks like the following:

Nemesis Strike Force Detachment

x2 Librarians - LvL 3, D.Hammer, Storm-Bolter

x5 Grey Knight Terminators - Psycannon, D.Hammer, x4 Falchons

x5 Grey Knight Terminators - Psycannon, D.Hammer, x4 Falchons

x5 Paladins - x2 Psycannons, Apothacary

x2 Dreadknights - H.Psycannon, H.Incinerator, P.Teleporter, Great Sword.

I'm looking to add units onto the above list and increase the points value to 1850. I play aginast space marines very often however i would much rather have a well rounded list and not just talyor my army to fight well against another.

What would be good to add onto the above list? I feel as though i'm lacking low AP, long ranged weaponary (suprise suprise) I was thinking about two dreadnoughts with two twin-linked lascannons?

From the games i've played so far (against space marines) I'm finding it difficult to deal with all of the threats on the table that are either: low AP / high strength ranged weapons and also terminators with low AP close combat weapons (power fists)

What would be a goood addition(s) to my list? Bearing in mindI would prefer to keep it within the nemesis deatchment rules.
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I think you want something other than Paladins. You're at low model count already, so while they're nice models, in theory, you're better served by more standard Terminators.

Another option would be to try and find room for 2 5-man Interceptor Squads. I say 2 5 man instead of 1 10-man with combat squad because only the Justicar can take meltabombs. You can rush them up flanks with your teleporting Dreadknights.

Dreadnoughts: I love them, but in Grey Knights, they suck. Too expensive. For the price of both Dreadnoughts you could run (and possibly should) a Stormraven with MM and Lascannon. Gives you anti-air and anti-tank at once.

In fact, the more I think about it, do that. Drop the paladins to put in the Stormraven. if you're concerned about the fact that that's 3 Heavy options in your NSF, you have 2 HQs and 2 Troops, so you qualify for 2 Nemesis Detachments. In fact, I did one similar recently on here for 2000 points.
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I'm thinking of this now..

Nemesis Strike Force

x1 Librarian - LvL 3, Storm-Bolter, w.stave
x1 Librarian -LvL 2 - Storm-Bolter, w.stave
x5 GKT - psycannon, hammer
x5 GKT - psycannon, hammer
x1 NDK - psycannon, incinerator, sword, p.teleporter
x1 NDK - psycannon, incinerator, sword, p.teleporter
x1 Storm Raven - lascannon, multi-melta
x1 Storm Raven - lascannon, multi-melta

Total = 1495 points

I think im OCD about having doubles of everything...
Yes, I meant Terminators. Sorry.

I like this list. It's kind of solid. use the Stormravens as gunships, because you need to get as much on the board first turn as possible. Don't wait for 2nd (or 3rd) to fly your terminators in.
No and no. unless someone can correct me on the rules, Fliers MUST start in reserve (even if they have the Hover option)... I think the exception to that is if you bought a Landing Pad.

They also don't have the Deep Strike rule, so they can't benefit from the Nemesis rules to DS in first turn.
Id take the Halberd over Falchions. Mainly because on a charge if you have Hammer hand cast on said squad they will rip terminators to piece's S7 ap3 yes please.
S6 Swords (with hammerhand) is wounding on 2s over a T4 Terminator.

S7 Halberds (with hammerhand) is STILL wounding on 2s over a T4 terminator. They don't offer any difference with Hammerhand, generate the same amount of wounds with TEQs can still save against at the same rate. Now using them at S5 and saving your psychic dice for other things? Sure. But why bother in a GK list?
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