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I'm no expert, but I think I can tell you what most people are going to say.

Give each PM squad a champion and a power first so that they can deal with walkers, etc. You can save points by cutting EA from their rhinos. I would also look into switching at least one squad's plasma guns with two meltaguns.

Get at least one (preferably both) NM squad a rhino. I am not experienced with NM but, from what i have read, I'd give the PM squad in the rhino a doom siren and sonic blasters, while leaving the NM squad you intend to leave sitting at home with just a blast master. Also, I would give the PM squad in the rhino a champion and fist, for the same reason as PM's.

From my experience, i prefer chosen over raptors, if I have to use either. Put 5 chosen with 5 meltaguns in a rhino and the job gets done (thanks to outflanking).

Lastly, for target saturation, I would get a third vindicator. With only a 30 or so inch effective range, vindicators will be close enough to your front lines where the DP's can fill the roll of counter charge.

I hope some of this helped,

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