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So I have some extra cash and think I want to start a new small force to use with my Favourite new army (khorne Daemonkin) and this is a new list I built toward

Formation Slaughter cult:
HQ: Lord with power armour, Bolt pistol and Axe of ruin- 135pts
8 Cultists- auto pistols-58
8 Cultists-pistols-58
5 Possessed
8 Blood letters- reaper 95
8 blood letters- reaper-95
8 Chaos Marnies- Bolters- 130
Lord of Slaughter:
Wrath of Khorne Blood thister
War Engine;
Helbrute with MM and power fist and heavy flamer-115
Also one heldrake at 170


HQ-Tank Comander-Battle tank with Heavy Bolters-170
also 1 Punisher tank-140

Infantry Platoon- 1 Platoon Command SQ, 2 10 man Squads- 130

No Force Org slot
1 Primaris Phyker-50 (goes with the platoon)
1 Commissar Stock -25 (with platoon)

The idea is I have alot of nastry stuff Khorne wise that will kill things in CC and I feel that there is so much on the table its hard to decided what he should kill of mine first. The Tanks will be nice to add some shooting to a lack luster shooting army. Also I feel like this list would do well against a nid player who is a friend of mine lol

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One question; Why would you want to ally something in, that potentially takes away bloodtithe points from your main army? I don't really see the point of the ally detachment.

Is it artillery? Skullcannons and Soulgrinders can give that.
Is it blobs of guys? You can get plenty of cultists in there.
Is it to add some psykers to the field? Why?

I don't see Daemonkin as a particularly good ally army in either case I must admit. Their primary drive and army mechanic is not compatible with anything that is allied in, so I just feel that the primary army looses oomph and that the choices you put in as allies, could easily be sorted with something that would grant you bloodtithe points in the meantime.

Do enlighten me your thoughts.

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What the guard are there for is a bit more shooting and harder targets to destroy with 14 front armour, I feel I already have enough units to make up my blood points with and I feel like this is some good balance. I wont be summoning blood thisters at 8 points cause, well really by the time they come in its a little to late, Ill be using the points to get Blood letters and to give my army feel no pain. its just a fun list really
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