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My new 1850 list, trying to make it as competitive as possible, any suggestions?

Iron Hand Orbital Surveillance Force
1850 Point

Guided by the brothers and armor columns on the surface, the restless forces of gunships and ironclad warriors are eager to strike into the heart of the enemy.

1 x Master of the Forge

4 x Tactical Marine (5 Men) w/Lascannon and Boltgun
4 x Razorback w/Assault Cannon and Dozerblades

1 x Assault Terminators (5 Men) w/Strom Shield and ThunderHammer

--Fast Attack--
2 x Stromtalon Gunship w/Skyhammer Missile Launcher
1 x Assault Marine (5 Men) w/Flamer x 2 and Melta Bomb, Sergeant with Power Fist
1 x Drop Pod (Free, by taking Jump Packs away from ASM)

--Heavy Support--
2 x Predator ‘Annihilator’ w/Tri-Lascannon
1 x StormRaven w/TL-MultiMelta and TL-Lascannon

Deployment Phase
The tactical marine with lascannon will be sitting in home objective with cover bolstered by MOTF. Razorback will be positioned behind ruins or covers, giving them much needed saves while predator will be staying in two corners of my table half, giving them wide arc of fire.

Master of the Forge will be sitting in one of the Razorback, as he will be on tank fixing duty. If enemy wants a Slay a warlord, they will have to dig him out from transport first.

Turn 1
ASM will drop from pod, next to the most fragile enemy troops and make them feel the heat of 2 flamers. If possible, they should drop next to key tanks as well, forcing it to move away from the melta bomb, or count on his ally to completely wipe ASM out.

The drop site is important, I will pick the weakest spot that lacks of short-range fire power. If the enemy decides to divert his long range fire power to ASM, that is fine, since they won't be shooting my tanks. Meanwhile, the Razorback will charge forward, claiming as much cover save as possible, while Tacticals and Predators provide Long Range Anti-Tank fire from a safe distance.

Turn 2
I would assume enemy would destroy at least 2 razorback by now, or at least the ASM that dropped on turn 1, as well as a couple of tacticals here and there. The enemy is more than welcome to direct his Anti-Tank to my AV13 Predator, since it will be hiding in an obscured position with the minimum of 5+ cover save.

If Talons and Raven arrive this turn, I will probably flat out on the razorback instead of hiding them. Since this turn is where most damage will be dealt to the enemy.

Assault termy will stay in raven for this turn, as Raven will be zooming to enemy deployment zone, threatening their tanks with TL-MM and TL-Lascannon. If there is something that might destroy Raven, than I will drop termy via Skies of fury just in case they don't crash with Raven.

Turn 3 and after
By this turn, My razorback will be reaching enemy line, and have good range on the Assault Cannon. At this point, the tacticals on the back that isn't camping objective will forfeit their chance on firing lascannon, and run for nearby objectives instead.

With 2 talons in the air to hunt infantry, and raven to hunt tanks, the Assault termy will continue to be a pain in the enemy's butt by looking menacingly at the enemy tank, warlord or strong MC.

Should ASM survive by now (which I don't think it will), they will try to lock themselves in combat with nasty targets (e.g. Shooty Wraithknight) as much as they can, nullify its range firepower, lock it in combat, while the rest of the airforce clean up whatever remains one by one.

Please let me know what you guys think, and see what I need to change, thanks!

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Turn 1 ASM deep striking isn't possible unless IH give them some sort of special rule I am not aware of. Killing off or forcing 5 ASM to run during a shooting phase will also be quite easy to do so the melta bombs would not be a threat.

If the Terminator squad is 10 man it will not fit into the Stormraven due to the bulky rule TDA has. If they are not a 10 man unit then having both the AC and the CML is not legal.

How are you getting a free Drop Pod and why bother with it in this list?
The ASM are in the drop pod, and they trade their jump packs for it, that why it is free. And due to drop pod special rules, it auto arrives on turn 1. The CML is a mistake, thanks to point that out, and yes, the 5 termy will be in raven.

I get the ASM and drop pod mainly to divert the attention away from my Razorbacks (obj secured units) and Predators. It only cost 100 points for the whole thing, it's not a huge threat, yes, but it's something enemy will have to deal with sooner or later, or else, the 2 flamer and 1 melta bomb is going to cause some trouble if they are ignored.

However, I would definitely like to hear any other methods to achieve the same goal with less point or more efficient units.
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