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My first time here so be gentle... I mainly am looking for help as a new player who has purchased 4000 points in his first month. Game is addicting!! Please help me on this list as much as you can!

Imperial guard:
2x vanquishers, one with pask
Sponsons to multi-melta, upgrade with camo netting and a lascannon

2x executioners, one with a tank commander
Sponsons to plasma cannons, lascannon upgrade, camo netting

3 squads of veterans
2 heavy weapon squads with lascannons per... One squad sergeant with power axe

1 squad of 5 base ratlings

3 chimeras with camo netting

1: fortification, landing platform for the 4+

1: skarbrand
1: unit of 3 nurgling piles

The idea is to hide skarbrand in your executioner and vanquisher tanks to ensure they completely wipe 2-4 units per turn with re-rolls on it all... Use the chimeras and the veterans inside to wipe clean the survivors!
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