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Altough this list would totally wreck my poor CSM list in a friendly game, i fail to see how it could possibly beat or even compete in a tournament environ like the Las Vegas Open, where some crazy truly cheese competitive list are seen.
Specifically, terminator deathstars are, in my opinion, lackluster, unless buffed with an incredible amount of psy/special abilities...but then EVERYTHING else just becomes good, buffed in that way.
So, in a competitive mindset, how would you fend off 4 Flyrants or 100-150 boyz? With such an amount of shooting / melee it's not a great deal to remove 5-10 terminators a turn.
Consider that i'm not an expert at all, so i might miss something, but wouldn't you be better served in removing the scorpions and doubling up in Grey knights? Same number of 2+ bodies but with an increased punch, imo. Also, another inquisitorial Hq with liber heresius might be cool. Also, paladins, imo, are quite overcosted. Better to take terminators?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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