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So I've been playing for a while and have been making some strong gk lists.
Be mindful this list is based around a Death Star and Eldar is its worst nightmare
Anyway here's the list...

Libby - dimona liber Daemonica - hammer - termy armour - mastery level 3 - storm bolter
Libby - hammer - termy armour- mastery level 3 - storm bolter

Elites -

Paladin Squad - 9 pallies
Apothacarie - hammer
Nemesis banner - psy cannon
Psy cannon - sword
4 halberds
1 sword
1 Falcions

Troops -

Strike squad
Justicar with a sword
3 halberds
Psy cannon

Heavy Support -

Dread knight - heavy psy cannon
Dread Knight - heavy psy cannon

Lord of war

Draigo... You know why - gate of infinity for days!

Dark Angels-

HQ -

Libby - power armour - sword - bolt pistol
ML 2 power field generator.

Tactical squad


DK Libby in the pally squad with the two gk libbies going on telepathy until u get invis
Then just go on santuary to get that 3+ invul save with a 5+ fnp from the apoc ( the DK libby gives them a 4+ invul) draigo is in the squad Teleporting them around and smashing stuff around
With invis they are getting hit on sixes meaning u can't get farsight bombed
Strike squad can hold objectives and tactical squad can too - it's a nemesis strike force so deep strike turn 1.
Don't think u will keep all your models - dread knights will go down quick probably unless ur opponent targets the brick either way u never can be certain - extremely good for The Relic.

I hope this helps u and any suggestions down bellow

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How are you being ultra competitive when the strongest army in the meta right now is it's worst nightmare?

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