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Farseers: Go with only 2 powers. Thats all you can use. Depending on what you want to do with your Farseer as to your powers.

The 5 wraithguard (takes 10 to count as troops) with the spiritseer in a wave serpent is nice. I like to run Yreil with them. I think Conceal is your best bet to give your guards a cover save from all the high power weapons that will be thrown at them. On the Wave serpent drop the vectored and star engines. You really do not need any of them.

With your 20 man guardians I would split them in two groups with platforms. EML are ok but look at scatter lasers for them.

Your Dire Avengers need a wave serpent to move around if you can. I would also go with dual cats on your exarch. Against Marines with a Ld 9 they will most likely pass their test. And if you get assaulted you did something wrong so drop Acrobatics. Their wave serpent again SS and EML is good the rest is a waste of points.

I have never used Harlequins but it looks good.

Wraithlords based on how you have them set up go with the BL and EML to pop targets and armor at range and keep the flamers for the assault.

The best load out for walkers are scatter lasers. I know that mixing the weapons is a no-no. See if you can get a falcon or fire prism in your list. Leaning more toward the prism.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Howling Banshees are good. I suggest that you go with an executioner. The three S5 attacks are better against MEQ and TEQ vs five S3 attacks. Look at dropping acrobatics and warshout.
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