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This is kind of an early concept list, still needs to be field tested.

HQ - Autarch, Soulshrive, Fusion gun, swooping hawk wings
HQ - Spiritseer, Spirit stone of Anath'lan
Warlock - Singing spear (attached to Guardians)
HQ - Archon, Webway portal, haywire grenades

-TR - Guardians (x10), Brightlance
Wave serpent, TL scatter laser, ghostwalk matrix
-TR - Windrider jetbikes (x3), shuriken cannon
-TR - Wraithguard (x5), wraithcannons
-TR - Wraithguard (x5), d-scythes
Wave serpent, TL scatter laser, ghostwalk matrix
-TR - Kabalite warriors (x5), blaster, sybarite, haywire grenades
Raider, disintigrator cannon

-HS - Wraithknight, heavy wraithcannons
-HS - Wraithknight, Sun cannon / scattershield, scatterlaser

The Autarch and the Archon and the Spiritseer attach to the Cannon Wraithguard unit for precision Deep Strike

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