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I know your pain, as I too have often struggled with getting my space elves into prominence. But mainly because I try something different every time I play them xp (I COULD just attach a farseer with fortune to 10 Warlocks and wreak havoc on basically everything, but why do the same thing every time? :wink: )

Eldrad is a monster in my opinion. He has a little of everything and can pretty much work anywhere as far as I am concerned. One thing I have liked doing with him is actually attach him to my Dark Reapers. Crazy you say? Perhaps, but figure it this way. Fortune and Guide on my favorite unit, plus doom if the enemy gets to close. And should they sneak an assault unit into my lovely reapers? Well now they wont just be a write off anymore as Edrad knows melee (A fortuned 3+ invulnerable? He wont be dying a whole lot in my experience) But wait, there's more! Since Eldrad can double up on one psyker ability, why not put those lovely pathfinders nearby and fortune them as well when doom is not an option? It is quite hard to kill something when it gets two chances to roll anything but a 1 to stay alive. ;)

Also, speed kills for Eldar....kills the other guy. Dont be afraid to turbo boost that wave serpent full of banshees right past their main attacking stuff and into their heavy but fragile weapons in the rear. As long as you dont put them against anything with a 5 or greater toughness, Banshees are damn annoying in assault, but I'm sure you knew that. BUT, why not have those Dire Avengers tag along in their own Wave Serpent? My philosophy on Avengers is that they are not for attacking, but point capture. Shimmer shield and defend on Avengers means that while they wont be winning any assaults against assault specced units, they will have good chance of bogging them down for a turn or two. And at the end of a game that's all you need to count as being on point right? BUt be warned, outside of cover I have had practically a 0 survival rate for those poor bastards.

10 Guradians + missle launcher + home base = 100 point 10 wound base holder that can pop transports (For your Dark Reapers to then say 'hello' to whatever was inside) I like to have two squads of ten. 200 points for a nice home base that has never failed me.

I like the Avatar. He makes the other guy think twice about approaching my home base when the big guy is giving them all some major melee support as well as fearless for anything near him. The only time I have difficulties with him being affective is when I try and use him for attacking and not defending.

I've never used Yriel, to be honest. Though I do like his potential. remember though, that with independants you can always attach both to the same unit for extra punch. I think thats part of why almost nothing in the Eldar can have more than 10 man squads, and yet the Wave Serpent can hold 12.

Call me crazy, but I like giving my Fire Dragons a heavy flamer. It gives them a touch more diversity, and they dont always get to sit in their vehicle until its time for them to try and pop a tank or termies. Pluss it frees up a few points, and thats always fun. =)

For some reason, 6 is the magic number for my pathfinder squads. More always seems to be overkill, and 5 has had some annoying flubs. Thats more my personal taste than anything tactical, but there you go.

Bright Lances are wonderful. They reduce that Land Raider's armor down to a 12 and thats always nice =) Except...most things arent so annoying as a Land Raider, and most armies I encounter dont have a crapload of stuff with mega armor like that. A brightlance is no more effective against a rhino than a missle is, which gets me to my point here. One, and in some cases 2 bright lances are all you will need below 2,000 points in my experience. Beyond that I have found missle launchers to be just as effective against most targets. But with the added bonus of when you put a missle launcher on a vehicle with another big gun, the plasma missle is S4 and still counts as a defensive weapon. Not to mention a good 20 points cheaper.

Well, thats about all the tidbits of experience I can think up right now. Just remember that with Eldar, you really need to keep control of the situation. Each aspect is great at one thing, and usually blah at everything else. So minimise risk to units by making thier weaknesses as hard to get to as possible and you should find the other players cursing your little Eldar tricks much more often.
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