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I have looked at all of your lists and if I could add a plug nickle I would make the following suggestions.

Drop the 3 Warlocks, I do not think you can add them to other units so it sticks you out in left field as far as attaching Elrad to another unit.

With the points from the warlocks add spirit stones to your wave serpents. This allows them to atleast move every turn which is something you want.

I don't have my codex here so I am not sure on the point exchange for the 3 warlock to 3 spirit stones. If you have the points upgrade your rangers to pathfinders. This is better to pin and save. Then see about adding more reapers.

The list looks nice. If you think about expanding your army look at getting a Fire Prism or two. Good Luck friend
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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