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As an olderish codex army we, as eldar have to play to our strengths. Against the bloodspacevanillanidorkfrenzy we have to be cleverer. Eldar are the thinkers army, at least thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it! Our strengths are, (imo!) farseers especially eldrad, warlocks especially on jetbikes, and the speed and durability of our tanks and transports.
I love wraithlords, but i find they don't stand up well point for point compared to the fire prism- another strength. Always take two, three is fun but not required, a falcon full of DA's is a better third HS choice.
Now i know two prisms is a big outlay, but they are so....shiny....
With those you almost become- MECH ELDAR!! which is actually very competitive.
I say forget CC with eldar and go the shooty route, doom and guide- say no more.
Peace through superior firepower!
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