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I've recently succumbed to Chaos, and have turned away from my IG and GK army to Daemons with CSM allies. The main lure that pulled me into heresy was the randomness of the new Daemon codex, relating to the warp storm table, generating pysker powers, and rolling on the rewards table. This is my current list and it is currently 6-0-1 (Tau[W],Daemon/CSM[W],Tau[W],DE[W],CSM[W],Tau[W], and Necrons[T]).

Primary: Daemons
Kairos Fateweaver [300]: I take FW because with the grimoire combo he gets a 2++ re-rollable, shit loads of psychic powers, and with his staff and warlord trait he adds some control to the randomness to cut down on negative warp results (I believe with him the warp storm table only has a 14-18% chance of getting a 2-5 “bad result”, I count 5 as bad because I use primarily Nurgle units)
Great Unclean One [290: Psyker 3, Exalted, and Greater Reward]: I take the GUO because at T7, 6W, and Shrouded he is one of the hardest things to kill that can carry the grimoire. Additionally, having him roll on the biomancy table for iron arm or endurance increases his survivability.
10x Plaguebearers [90]: Sole purpose – sit on objectives and hope the other shit I have kills everything
10x Plaguebearers [90]
Soul Grinder [150: Daemon of Nurgle]: Take this lovely model to help murder Heldrakes before they get to my PB’s or to intercept enemy units going for my lines. Best use so far was to murder a Riptide trying to contest objectives and get linebreaker.

Allies: CSM
Daemon Prince [295: Psyker 3, Wings, Warp Armor, Daemon of Nurgle]: A biomancy infused FMC that will absorb fire while my GUO and FW move up. If the enemy ignores him, bring him into enemy lines and wreck shit up.
10x Cultists [50]: Cheap troops lol
10x Noise Marines [240: 2x Blastmasters]: Main purpose is to damage things hiding in ruins or behind aegis lines, and to clear troops off of objectives. They do pop the occasional vehicle from a distance.
Fast Attack:
Heldrake [170: Baleflamer]: More troop clear and to vector strike light vehicles
Heavy Support:
Forgefiend [175: 2x Hades Autocannons]: This model has given me the most flak, people generally saying that it isn’t that good. However, 8 Str8 shots and making them twinlinked when FW takes Prescience on one of his heads means this guy will wreck shit up.

I'm looking for any criticism and if anyone has any experience playing against a list like this. Additionally, I'm looking for a way to counter potential Eldar players because my psychic tests will be much more dangerous. The main component of this currently is casting the grimoire on Fateweaver and having him flying ahead and doing assault 4d6 and wiping a unit of troops at a time. While the GUO and DP move up under cover fire from the Forgefiend and Noise Marines and begin smashing everything to death.

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One way to go a good ways toward mitigating the Runes of Warding is by the CSM DP a spell familiar.

I'll be honest: Prescienced Forgefiends are one of my favorite things, these days.
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