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1850 Competitive

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So here goes something of a Multi Cult type list, unfluffy as hell, but hey....

Kharn 165
Kharn rolls with Beserkers

DP (Wings. MoS, Lash) 155

Beserker x9 / Rhino (Champ, PF) 264

Plague Marines x7 / Rhino (MG x2, Champ, PF) 256
Rolls up to take Objectives

Sonic Marines x8 / Rhino (SB x5, BM, Champ, PW) 290
They sit in cover and hold my sides Objectives

Sonic Marines x8 / Rhino (SB x6, Champ, PW, Doom Siren) 270
I never use the Doom Siren yet, Im hopin this unit with this suped up Champ can kill Death Company squads on the Charge, instead vice versa.

Oblits x2 150

Oblits x2 150

Oblits x2 150


Plan on bringing this to a competent BA player. He massacred me last time, hope this list works better.
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u want a landraider for all your berserkers and khan as then they can get out and assult and be there a turn earlier 2 manage this u will need 2 drop the rhino 2 obliterators and the pointless power weapon on a sqaud meant 2 be holding objective also that power fist in the berserkers and take a humble power weapon so you don't waste that furious charge and a normal noise marine

also if you somehow have a combat where 2 of ur units r involved in the same 1 and r 20" away you are doing well
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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