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Hive Tyrant- 220
-2 TL-Devourers

Tyranid Prime- 150
-The Miasma Cannon

Tervigon- 195

30 Termagaunts- 120

5 Genestealers- 130

5 Genestealers- 130

5 Lictors- 250

3 Lictors- 150

3 Raveners- 90

Trygon Prime- 270
-Toxin Sacs

Mawloc- 140

So the 5 Lictors are following the Dataslate rules. They will be infiltrating in jungle terrain if available, otherwise they will infiltrate somewhere and try their best to get in a good position for the rest of my armies Deep Strikes.
The Tyranid Prime is joining the squad of 3 Lictors, they will Deep Strike somewhere so that the Miasma Cannon can do some heavy damage.
Two Broodlords will be supplying cover for my army, they will infiltrate and attempt The Horror on the most threatening unit they can.
Hive Tyrant will do his thing... Die.
Tyrgon and Mawloc are my vehicle killers.

So I lack ranged, but this can be a very devastating turn 2 army, so long as most things come in on turn 2.
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