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well fun night, played agenst my boy and his ig, both of us trying out new things in our lists. all in all odd outcome.

ok so lets list the lists then follow up with the report. what I was rockin:

Lash Sorcerer

lash sorcerer

3 x 8 plague marines - fist, 2 melta

8 plagues with fist dual flamer

4 x rhinos with dual twin-linked bolters

2 x 3 oblits

his force looked something like this.

command squad with master of the fleet and dude that drops big bomb from space

Col. Straken pluse boys

2x platoon with all the melta's and lascannons he could muster

squad of vets with melta

3x chimeria

squad of 3 hydra's

2 valk's.

plasma heavy walker star wars rip off thingy

one ....can't remember its name but it blows big holes in stuff.

anywho, ended up getting spear head and the 4 objective game. all 4 objectives got strung out along the center field line. IG rolled up first so i reserved everything. so for the first turn and half of turn two consists of nothing but IG movment.

my turn 2

rolled reserves and olny managed the unit of plagues with the flamers { also one of the sorcerers with them} and an oblit squad who where deepstriking.
went for the gusto and dropped the oblits a bit too close to the Hydra's and the edge of the table. the scattered off the table, but i managed to have them placed back in reserves...yay one unit on table at this point. i drove my rhino straight up 6' and turned it sideways disembarking the sorcerer and unit. used lash and pulled a lascannon team out of the build and off the objective, and charged. slaughtered them without so much as a bat of an eye then consolidated up 4" to try to hide behind the building. ok here we go.

his turn 3

couldn't really tell you what happened aside from all his fire power converged on that one squad, except one lascannon that went at the rhino. he missed the rhino and managed to slaughter the plague marine squd for the most part. with a wound on my sorcerer and one dude with a flamer left, we moved to my turn three.

my turn 3

epicness.... managed to roll in 2 plague squads without the second sorcerer and the oblits who decided to stay on the barge and sip coffee earlier.... so again i moved a rhino up with the melta plagues to assist the other sorcerer and his lone buddy, who proptly got back in their rhino {which moved up 6" to meet them}. the other rhino took to the field way at the other far end by its lonesome to take on a valk and a 5 man mini melta squad, later. it moved on 12" . all rhinos started smoking like a kottonmouth kings concert. the oblits decided to land on target this time, but infront of strakens tank, and multi-melta it as i was out of metla range. 3 hits, 3 penns, best i could do was immobile and stun.

his turn 4

oh boy. straken and 4 dudes got out of chimera...and they looked PISSED!. my oblits ate 4 melta shots and a plasma pistol. he managed to miss with one melta and i manages to save vs another and the plasma leaving me one healthy oblit. he then fired the rest of his army off only managing to shake my 3 rhinos who where still enjoying the smoke clouds. then straken charged...imagine my surpise to find something like him being an upgrade to a unit not an IC..... but yea they whipped the oblit out.

my turn 4

rolled in other oblit unit and the last squad of dudes with sorcerer. disembarked the melta plagues that arived the turn before, as straken and friend are within 12". and i disembarked the sorcer and lone flamer aswell. the other lash sorcer and squad came on to support them on the same side moving 6". therhin on the far side of the board moved a solid 12 up to and on an objective {which also had a valk and 5 dudes on it} again i went for the gusto with my oblits, and tryed to land them right next to two squads of melta dudes and a chimera of vets and the walker. all beside the one building we've been fighting over all game. the scattered something hard! a solid 11 inches right over the squads i wanted to land next to, and into the bottom of the building the IG where hugging. after a dangerous terrian testing session the oblits came out fine and in fact in a better spot. time to let loose. the newly arrived sorcerer lashed strasken back into range of the plagues, who mercilessly blasted them with pistols and melta. managing to kill 3 melta dudes. the oblits flamered the hell out of one tightly packed unit of guys and managed to weasle out clipping two guys from the squad in front of them killing all that got touched by the fire. the lash sorce and lone flamer both lashed and flamed the last unit of dudes in the building on the floor above the oblits killing 6 of the 10 and making them run for the hills. the plagues from earlier assaulted straken, who got his counter charge only to loose it to blight grenades. straken killed two and them got whiped out.

his turn 5

lots of fire when my way for killing straken, good. the plagues resposible suddenly dropped to a champ with fist. the rhino that used to house the sorce and lone flamer popped hard becomeing cover, and thats about it.

my turn 5

potentialy last turn. moved my sorcer and his flamer buddy into the building rolling a 6 for difficult. flamer makes it up to next lever, where the objective is. other lash dude and crew move forward and left towards objective 3 and lashes a unit of 10 plus lascannon off the objective. fist champ goes back and hides in rhino. plagues to the far right go for the hat trick. the disembark and try to melta the valk, no good, so we assault and bring it down. still contested. at this point theres one objective open, thanks to lash, one under my control thanks to flamer dude, one contested dude to valk not dying when told to, and one under his control because valk two had been sitting there all game.

game ends turn 5...draw good damn game
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