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HQ-Nurgle Prince with warptime and wings=175 (Should I just go lash prince...?)

Elite- Dread with TL autocannon and Missle launcher=110 ( closest thing is LR or out of LOS of anything it can hurt)
5 chosen- 3 plasma 2 melta= 155 (Outlfanking/infiltrating depending on opponent)
4 terminators- 1 heavy flamer, 2 chainfists, 2 combimeltas=165
IN a LR with possession=240

Troops-8 Thousand Sons 1 Sorc with bolt of change in Rhino with EA+ Havok=334
8 Thousand Sons 1 Sorc with doombolt=254

Heavy- 1 Possessed Vindicator=145
2 Obliterators=150
AC/LC pred=130

Your HQ is sound but you should double up on daemon princes for target saturation and unit redundancy ;)

Take dreadnoughts in pairs for reasons as above.

Chosen are messed up because got plasma for anti troop and light armour but melta the hard stuff, plus have no rhino either. I'd drop these.

Chaos terminators are ok but drop the heavy flamer. Meltas wreck tanks flamers do not so take the same weapons for the same drop ;) However these are in your single land raider which will attract a lot of attention, tbh I'd throw on mark of nurgle or mark of tzeentch make them 5 and deep strike them in remembering to take icons on your troops, if you haven't already ;)

Thousands sons are expensive you could get a MoT for cheaper then these and do not need the sorcerer.

Oblits are fine but taking two seperate tanks makes target priority easy for your opponent. Do they pop the long range anti tank or the short range blast? Take tanks in pairs for multiple targets ;)
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