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So with my Chaos and Iron Hands all but done it is time to move back to my favourite 40k army.
after retiring my old necrons - which had more then 30 wins in a row as well as winning a tourney (with the old broken book) I have decided to bin my 6 flyers and 5 barges and go for a more fun Canoptek theme but of course staying as competative as possible.

I have some in house rules of my own when building army's and lists.

No allies
No forgeworld
No lords of war
no super heavys

other then this I try to be as competitive as possible and play to win while having fun doing so.

Any ideas or improvements would help me before I spend all my money on this :) cheers

overlord 150 pts
res orb
phase shifter
join Lychguard

cryptek 115 pts
veil of darkness
join Lychguard

10 x lychguard 250 pts

5 x immortals 85 pts
guass blasters
x 3

6 x wraths 240 pts
x 2

3 x canoptek scarabs 60 pts

3 x canoptek spiders 180pts
3 x twin-linked partical beamers
x 3

1850 pts
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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