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1850 blood angels

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I know the book is not out just yet, but I always get one a week early and please don't ask me how.

I may do this or wait for the Necrons in the new year and pick one or the other for my next project.

I have a razorback spam marine army already so will base my next marine list on drop pods - If i get beat with this list I will take my hat off to my opponent and buy him £50 worth of models.

What could cause this problems? 4 X armour 13 dreads will drop turn 1

Librarian Dread 185 pts
drop pod

Furioso Dread 165 pts
frag cannon
drop pod
X 3

10 man tactical marines 190 pts
heavy flamer
drop pod
X 3

Heavy support
Storm Raven 200
X 3


I should not take all the credit this list was put together by a friend of mine who is building the army as we speak - guess I will wait on the Crons happy new year
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How does it beat the current top tier lists? White Scars, Tau, Eldar, Daemons, Nids, or any other fast beta strike list that works best on the opponents going first?

3 storm ravens is more top tier then anything else - there just is not much out there that can deal with that.

I am pretty confidant almost nothing would beat me if I was using this - what would scare me the most out of what you just said ? maybe a Eldar wave serpent spam but still with the 3 ravens I know he would be more scared of me.
If they're so top tier, why are they not run in Marines? They are up against Grav Centurions and Thunderfires. And they bring a 200pt TL lascannon to the table.

AV12 flyers are available so widely now alongside decent AA that 3 AV12 flyers don't present much issue. I'd rather ally in guard and get 6 times the lascannons for +50% of the cost and have a fearless power axe/lascannon toting squad holding the home objective..

Marines can pull a similar list and have more flexibility as a result of Ultramarine chapter tactics.

Also a twin-linked multi-melta and 4 blood missiles (5 ap 1 shots ouch) with that lascannon, you also get power of the machine spirit (so jinking is not as costly, split fire ftw) and even hover to grab objectives end game.

I would maybe fancy my chances with a 6 x necron flyer list but this will get a nerf very soon with the new dec on its way.

I have a iron hands marine army and don't run storm ravens, the reason why is I also own a necron army with loads of flyers so I wanted something different.
Necron Flying Circus isn't really that strong now apart from people still stuck in 5th edition mode or still trying to just make do with an Aegis+Quadcannon. It's the Wraithwing which is the bastard in 7th these days. The meta just evolved to make the flyers not as strong as they used to be (compared to being the only army with cheap decent flyers as what happened when it first came about).

Neither does PotMS do what you think it does - Snapshots may only be modified by rules that specifically modify snap shots. PotMS doesn't mention Snapshots IIRC.

Clan Raukann may be more viable for this kind of list - you get Heavy Support Drop Pods - and with access to Mortis Dreads from IA2:2e you can get Relic Contemptor-Mortis Dreads with BS5 TL Kheres (6 shot Assault Cannons) or TL Lascannon for Anti-Air. These too can take drop pods.

It still doesn't beat current Tournament winning lists, but it's fairly strong.

cool Vaz thank you for your opinons - I won 2 London tourneys and also got 2 best armys awards with Necrons at throne of skulls, tbh I should have won it both times but its done on a soft scoring system where best gaming votes is a key to winning it and not winning all your games which I done.

I won more then 40 competitive games in a row with my Necrons current list in 6th, which I still believe is near unbeatable unless some one is taloring to beat it and the games I play are never done like that, Lists are always built for random missions with random opponents no changing at the last minute and I have always played at only 1500 points (i am moving up to 1850 next year)

In the end my crons got so boring i retired them and moved on to my 3 helldrake list, i had no where near the same success with this, i think i have about a 50% win rate with my chaos - check some of my old posts and you can view the army photos, if you are interested.

For me crons are still number 1 even in 7th - they just have so many options and builds I have never seen 2 players play necrons the same way (best book ever written) Matt Ward is a hated person by most I know, but I have met him many times with long rule chats and even had breakfast with him in gamesworkshop head office Nottingham. Take it from me his a great guy that knows what he is doing, sadly he has left the company as have I.

thank you for clearing up the rules for PotMS, tbh I have never used the rule in 7th just thought it could do what I said.
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Cool. Anecdotes. Love those.

Enjoy your borrowed list.

Matt Ward is a hated person by most I know, but I have met him many times with long rule chats and even had breakfast with him in gamesworkshop head office Nottingham. Take it from me his a great guy that knows what he is doing, sadly he has left the company as have I.
...Matt...is that you?
If you dropped 4 pods of Tacticals and Dreadnoughts in front of my Guard army at this points level I would laugh while wiping you off the table T1. This boast largely depends on terrain and final placement after scatter, but to hell with it. As a lover of 100% Reserves lists, you don't have enough coming in T1 to last if you fail some Reserve rolls.

Cool to see a 7th edition list though. Can't wait for my book tomorrow.
I agree with NTAW here, only 4 dreads coming in turn 1 would mean that my guard army could just walk forward and melta them to death. I would also have enough LC's, AC's and vendettas to deal with the stormravens.
I play BA too and i love my drop army. The way I deal with guard in particular is target saturation. My BA Army is 2 x stormravens, Ball pred, 3 sets of 10 marines with jump packs dropping in combat squads (re-roll to reserves) and 4 drop pods with dreads. I usually drop 2 empty drop pods in turn 1 and deploy 2 shooty dreads in cover somewhere so that in turn two (hopefully) everything comes in. Because of the volume of targets some units will be able to get into the guard turn 3 and once you're in, you're in! As for other armies though it does have weaknesses but I love the fun and the unpredictability of everything hammering down in one turn.
Cheers mate nice advice, I know the range of melta guns so it's not likely I will drop in range for your guard to just move forward and kill all my dreads - I would flank so maybe you would kill the 1, keep in mind turn 2 there is a lot of Flamers in this list and the dreads also have s6 Flamers rending.
So the Storm Ravens job is to just open up your transports then you can kiss your infantry good bye.
A shame assault marines are no longer troops in the new BA deck,

The good thing about drop pod lists is you land where you want it does not need to be a drop that makes me a sitting duck.
Hey i play both armies, there are definitely ways to beat each other either with tactics and/or lists. I was just saying that guard are good against this type of list. Anyway more importantly, assault marines aren't troops? Noooooooooo!
The good thing about drop pod lists is you land where you want it does not need to be a drop that makes me a sitting duck.
But it will leave your weapons completely out of range the turn you arrive- something Fragiosos really need to have happen for their points to be made back. The entirety of your T1 assault is template based and doing nothing but DSing behind cover and hoping for the best with Reserve rolls against any gunline army. S6 Rending will fail you against tanks constantly since the AP2 doesn't affect vehicle damage rolls. Your Stormravens can -at the very best- take out two vehicles per turn each starting at the earliest T2 and they are borderline useless against large infantry squads.

If you're Deep Striking mid-field or further away to save your units, is there a point in using Drop Pods?

Top tier I would say this is not my friend, though I do like the list. It just doesn't look as competitive as you're making it out to be. I'll actually have list comments after I get the new Codex and can assimilate the data within.
I am quite sure my Chaos Space Marine Army will be able to take this list. The storm ravens are scary, but I have played against 2 in one game and brought them both down.. You will come in bite-sized chunks and its makes target priority easy.

If you arrive close then I will get the assault, if you land far-away my guns will rip up the AV 12.. and Placement of shielding units (Cultists) means that i will control were you arrive

Not being able to assault when you arrive from Deep strike is a huge issue for this list. As I see nothing that's scary with shots...
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