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This is my 1850 list for the weekend theres a strong possibilty i will be playing against IG so let me know what u guys think. all advice and opinions welcome.


TROOPS-10 MAN ASSAULT SQUAD w/power fist, 2xmeltas
10 MAN ASSAULT SQUAD w/power weapon 2x plasma pistols,flamer
SANGUINARY GUARD w/ power fist, chapter banner, infernus pistol

ELITES- FURIOSO w/ blood talons, heavy flamer, melta
FURIOSO LIBRARIAN w/ blood lance , wings

FAST ATTACK- BAAL PRED w/ tl assault cannon, heavy flamers

HEAVY SUPPORT- STORM RAVEN w/tl lascannon, tl multimelta,loc beacon
PREDATOR w/ autocannon, lascannons

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If you're going to use Dante you should make Sang Guard your troop choices, thats what his most effective use is, the Land Speeders i've heard are very very death prone, and serve more of a 'scuicide' function, you could save the points into some transports for your Infantry (or drop them from the sky i guess.. it's up to you)

I haven't seen a Storm Raven in action but i Envy you sir, i hear they're ferocious.

i don't know, for 1850 it feels really small, maybe that's me, maybe its the Dreadnoughts, you could go with running 2 Preds, Baal Pred, and the two Dreads for a total of 5 mechanized units.

Honestly if you don't need Dante a good cheap HQ is a Librarian, i have one with Terminator Armor, Wings and Sanguine Sword, then have him attach to a squad of Jump Pack Marines (yeah, Wings doesn't care if hes' in Term armor, hes JP infantry now :D) then bean them with my WS10 sword, makes for quite a fun game.

if you take out Dante you can replace the Sang guard for Priests for a cheaper buffing option, attach them to your Assault Squads, if you make them 10 man you can throw them in rhinos.

i dont know, i'm just babbling, figured i'd help
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