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Hey Guys,

This is my first post on here :) please forgive me for any spelling as i cant spell

Basically going to take my Nids to a tournament - my first tournament and its a serious one there will be ETC players there and the lists are riducolously hardcore so i need to go hardcore; this being the dirtiest nids list I can think of - would love & appreciate ANY and ALL advice on this tho as its in june and i need to decide on getting the harradrin 0-o:shok:


HQ Warlord - Flyrant 2TLDevs +Egrubs
HQ 2 x Flyrants 2TLDevs +Egrubs
Troops 3 x mucloid spores
Elite Zoanathrope
Elite Venomthrope
Fast Crone
Fort. Void Shield + Layers
LoW Harradrin

comes bang on 1850....

I'll be facing list like Eldar with 4 wraiths and a pale rider formation
Dirty Wulfen 50+ dogs with three formations giving them 3++ and invisibility
Chaos Warhounds
4 impreial titans
some guys taking ducurian formation got like 15 tanks???

Please any helpwould be appreciated guys

I'm going in for me first real tourney and wanna do well - wanna bbring it back for nids - because apparently no one brings nids to these tournies!!!

Cheers guys:so_happy:

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Intense sounding tournament...

I never play tournament style so I can't really give any advice there, but the eldar delight in their cover saves on bikes and you may struggle without any ignores cover or charging units... although if you are flying all the time, you may be avoiding the return fire anyway.
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