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1750pts Space Marines

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Forgive me, Lion, for I have sinned.


5 Sternguard with Sergeant with Combi-Grav in Razorback with Lascannon and Twin-Linked Plasma Gun
5 Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Gun and Missile Launcher in Rhino
10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Gun and Lascannon in Rhino

Stormtalon Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship

5 Devastators with 4 Plasma Cannons
Vindicator with Legacy of Glory (Battle of Keylek) (An upgrade from War Machines Of The Adeptus Astartes that gives the Demolisher Cannon the Ignores Cover rule for the price of a Rhino - expensive, but very nasty!)
Stormraven Gunship with Hurricane Bolters, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta, and Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

I wanted to bring the Legacy of Glory (Murder) to give the Stormraven Monster Hunter to make it better at hunting that pesky Winged Hive Tyrant, but points and the 1-per-1000pts cap make that impossible.

Other than that, the plan is to pretty much refuse the flank, concentrating the Tacticals, Tigurius and his Sternguard bodyguards and the Vindicator on one side, with the Stormtalons coming in to deliver a powerful blow when the rest of the army gets stuck in and the Stormraven delivering the Terminators into the most troublesome enemy unit or where the power-armoured/mechanised force looks to be struggling.
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How do you counter Invisibility?
The most effective way, I've found, if you're not bringing 10+ MLs, would be: bring Karanak, a DE Archon with the anti-psy-nasty helm, or a Culexus. The Culexus is the nastiest, the only guaranteed "snuff out," though also the most fragile, since he can't join a unit and enemies only snap shots against him his first turn. But if you're just within 12" of the caster with the other two, you're basically guaranteeing a Perils, which is going to put a damper on anybody's casting.

With Space Marines, obviously, your best bet would be the Culexus, striking fear in the hearts of psykers everywhere.
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