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ok so I got hold of some ravenwing bits and built and army is there any experienced ravenwing players who can offer advice, I know this list has weaknesses ( ie vs anything flying) but most lists have a weakness, but any advice would be great.

its pretty tough to find other raven wing players out there so ill give you my experince with what im working on
sammael- corvex
no choice
ravenwing command squad#1, 5xbikes, apothecary, ravenwing company banner, grenade launcher.
what banner? the company banner is pointless as we cant be pinned and are stubborn..look into ban of DEV etc
libby- lvl 1, auspex, digital weapons
this guys realy is pointles with one power he just does nothing..but if you pout the interigator chaplin in there with austpex and sword of ablsoution you have a real beast..expensive thou.
ravenwing command squad#2, 5x bikes, 1xgrenade launcher.

Ravenwing attack squadron#1
6x bikes- 2x melta guns
attack bike- mulit melta
landspeeder typhoon

Ravenwing attack squadron#2
6x bikes- 2x plasma guns
attack bike- mulit melta
landspeeder typhoon
you dont need the plasmas here as you have the command squads..put some flamers here and maybe a combi flamer
Ravenwing attack squadron#3
6x bikes- 2x flamers
attack bike-heavy bolter
landspeeder typhoon
ok heres my thoughts..i only run the 2 squads..combat squda them you have nearly 8 scoring units..so you can get rind of this thrid unit to spend elsewhere.

ravenwing darkshroud
not a fan..used it find it pointless and expensive for what it does..but thats just me.
ok this is my list ive tried to have a variety of weapons from anti tank to anti infantry, so any advice or changes you would suggest would be great.
what i find it that ravening work really REALLY well with the stormwing..its not too expensive but it really adds a whole lot of punch.
the trick to playing this army is to know when to push forward and when to hold back..and when to fall back..
eg..youll have bike squads of 3..so if you loose 2..turbo boost away and deny the kill point etc

go over to my thread and have a look at what im playing with
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