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1750pts IG + GK Tournie List

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CCS + Lascannon + 2xsnipers + Master of Ord 120pts

PCS + 4x5pt weapons either GLs or Flamers
Inf Squad + GL
Inf Squad + GL
HWS + 3x Auto 235pts

Vets 3xmelta 100pts

Valkryie + Rocket Pods 130pts

LRBT 150
LRDT 165

Grand Master + 4TAGKs 329pts (will hitch a lift in a chimera in turn 1)

10 PAGK 275pts (Will start in the valkryie)

Plus 3 Chimeras 165pts

That leaves 81points left to spend. That is another Chimera or a TAGK. Am additionally thinking of dropping some points in places to get another LRBT.

Anyone any throughts?
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I play pure GK and they will indeed weaken this list..Gk just don't cut it, especially at Tournament level, and IG just don't need to use them as a crutch anyway.

That said, it's your list and seen as you have them in your list I will assume you know if the Tourney allows them or not.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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