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1750pt Crimson Fist (new codex!)

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So I'm super pumped because with the new codex I can use Imperial Fists chapter tactics with my Crimson Fist space marines (I used raven guard before, but now the fists are better). Here's what I've come up with for my new 1750 list.

Terminator Librarian, ML2, force axe, storm shield, auspex 130
8x Sternvets, drop pod w/ locator beacon 231
10x Tac squad, plasma gun, rhino w dozer blade 195
10x Tac squad, plasma gun, rhino w dozer blade 195
1x TFC 100
ADL + Icarus Lascannon 85

Skyspear Annihilation Force:
10x Devastators, 4x multi-meltas, drop pod 215
10x Devastators, 4x multi-meltas, drop pod 215
5x Assault squad, power maul 100
5x Assault squad, power maul 100

Suppression Force:
Land Speeder, multi-melta 55
2x Whirlwind 130

The plan for this list is hit hard and push the opponent so much from the start of the game they have no room to breathe or recover from the alpha strike. T1 the Skyspear force comes in, Devs will either split into combat squads and either have all multi meltas in one squad or do 2 and 2 depending on how entrenched the opponent is in cover and target priority and all that. Bolter devs will shoot at something just to abuse the suppression fire special rule and prevent overwatch. The reason I have the locator beacon on the sternvets drop pod is because if the opponent bubblewraps enough that I don't think the skyspear would be effective T1, I can drop the sternvets pod down and use the suppression force and TFC to try to clear out some room. Also draws fire away from everything else because the drop pod will have to die otherwise the skyspear comes in exactly where I want it to. Didn't have anything else to spend the 10 points on, so its a nice cheap little investment that gives me some tactical flexibility. The total actually comes out to 1751, but no one in my gaming group is anal enough to give me crap about 1pt, and if they are I can just drop the auspex on the libby. The libby will most likely just grab prescience and psychic scream, since those are both very nice and consistent. I couldn't comfortably fit in anti-air, so I just grabbed the icarus lascannon, which will sit next to the techmarine gunner and intercept if need be. I'm super pumped that bolter drill works with the sternvets ammo now. Like really, its so wonderful. The only thing I'm pondering is if there's a way to drop 100pts to upgrade one of the devs to 4x grav cannons, so they can be useful against a squad of MEQ or a wraithknight or something, and if thats worth the 100pts. Also, debating between power sword and maul on the assault squads. one lets me slice through 3+ armor, but the other helps a lot against tanks and makes the squads more versatile. I'm leaning towards mauls just because of the battle-demi company giving away free transports, meaning i think i'll see a resurgence of msu style armies, and this enables me to drop 6 units t1 that can hurt armor. Anyway, thoughts?
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Interesting that you're going Crimson Fists without Kantor and a whole bucketload of Sternguard--but all things in time, I suppose. Just because this list doesn't have em, if you're going Crimson Fist, it seems only a matter of time before some ObSec bolter-drill Sternguard are in the house.
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