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i dont see this being very competitive. 650+ points on HQ's? drop pods?

also TWC are fast attack not elites.

the lone wolf is pretty worthless. its an infantry model moving 12" max a turn which is pushing it as is. he wont keep up with the cavalry. plus he is made for MC not infantry.

with TWC you should make each one unique so you can cheese out wound allocation.

some people would advise against the pods but i guess they may work for you.

id say try again, for fun sure but other wise try again.

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You can't do the same thing with TWC that you can with nob bikers - its too cost prohibitive. I'm considering tossing in another SS there somewhere to help out but as it stands I have 4 wolves, 2 lords, 1 PF, and 1 vanilla to wound allocate - 5 different model types. Seems pretty good to me.
5x TWC
1x fist
1x bolter
1x melta bomb
1x bolter + melta bomb
1x vanilla

just like nob bikers you have a complex unit with 5 different unique models.
its 10 points more but mine will live longer. you could also add a storm shield instead of the bolter and MB guy.

I covered the Lone Wolf already - I don't see how he won't keep up with the TWC. They move the exact same distance. The TWC Calvary charges 6" further so he might miss out on combat for a turn....
they move the exact same distance?
lone wolf = 6" + D6" or 6" charge (max 12")
TWC = 6" + D6" fleet + 12" charge (max 24")
12" = 24"?
i always though 24" was twice as far as 12"
thanks for the math lesson mate.
if your not going to charge then sure they move the same. but why aren't you charging?

I also covered drop pods already - razorbacks are probably better but lots of IG in my area. I'd prefer to drop in that drive across at them.
yes because the only 2 choices are drop pods and razor backs my mistake. oh wait, there are rhinos AND landraiders you say? who knew?

against ig i would say its even more important to have rhinos or the like. 1 russ or vindicator and your whole unit is gone. but not if you have a metal box around you.

I think we have different views on our wolves
i know i was really sarcastic. im a douche. thats just how i work, but yea i still say your list doesn't look very competitive with the large amount of points spent on your HQ choices. if its just for one type of enemy then whatever but when it comes to an all comer list i say you have weaknesses. not huge ones but still, i feel it could be better is all. kinda like horde. what do you do then?

different views are fine. the world would be boring if we all thought like you.

EDIT: also props, 3OH!3

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lol sorry, i was being pissy for other, more personal, reasons. yeah, i tend to sound even worse over the internet some how. i did noticed at the end there but i was to tired to go back and fix the attitude.

yeah i know ahab. it happens a lot with me, in person i show more tact, especially when people are playing games near me, but for some reason if i cant see your face i turn into a huge prick. im pretty easy to dislike like this. oddly in person im a pretty good guy though.


yeah, rune priests and wolf lords on TWM are pretty awesome, i was just saying i thought 2 of each was a little much.

the bolter on the TWC is odd, you lose the attack and you dont really ever want to shoot it but it's free and makes a model unique. it's tough to not take a bolter and keep them cheap and sturdy though.

i havent had any good experiences with lone wolves. maybe its just me but i feel that the speed of the model and lack of transports of any kind makes him almost worthless. i could see him as a good objective contester or guard, but he moves so slow i feel he might not make it across the board to be of much help.

lol, i meant the world would be boring if we all thought the same. re reading it i made it a complete slap in the face. my bad.
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