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100 Wolf Priest (I got the 2003 Games day Wolf Priest from a friend, so im set on using him even though I would almost never take one)
110 Rune Priest with Chooser of the Slain, LL, JOTWW
100 Rune priest with Jaws & MH
188 Arjac Rockfist
66 2 WG pack leaders with power fists and combi-meltas
180 8 Grey Hunters with Banner, Meltagun, MOTW
35 Drop Pod (with Arjac)

180 8 Grey Hunters with Banner, Meltagun, and power weapon
35 Rhino (with Wolf Priest)

180 8 Grey Hunters with Banner, Meltagun, and MoTW
35 Rhino (with jaws & MH RP)

160 7 Grey Hunters with Banner, flamer
35 Rhino (with jaws & LL RP)
Heavy Support
115 5 LF, 4ML

115 5 LF, 4ML

115 Vindicator

The Wolf Priest is there to honor a friend, so its not going anywhere. I thought briefly about taking blood claws with him, then I realized what edition this is and almost kicked myself. Let me know what you think.

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I think you have waay to many points in HQ... I would seriously consider dropping some to get more firepower into your list. 2 LF and a Vindi won't be much of a deterrant, so your opponent will focus all fire on the rhinos on turn 1 and make you walk.

The drop pod is going to come down and breat face... but what then... it'll get shot up... so is it really worth having all those points tied up in a unit that is essentially a throw away unit... I think you could do better by dropping two dreads with meltas and dropping an empty pod (from the LF) instead for cheaper...

But regardless, the weakness of your list curently is that you don't have enough other stuff to keep your opponent away from your troops. Right now, you just don't compete in the shooting phase.
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