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Hey Guys I would like some advice on this list I wanted to play for an upcoming tournament

The list is

Hive Tyrant with wings and two twin linked brain leech devourers
Hive Tyrant with wings and two twin linked brain leech devourers

Two Hive Guard
Two Venomthropes

30 termagants (10 have devourers)
3 warriors with barbed strangler

25x Gargoyles

Tyrannofex Acid Spay

Comes to 1750. I have play tested this list a bit and it has done pretty well. My biggest fear is multiple armor 13 targets (Knights or Necron transport spam) Wave Serpent spam and Astra Militarium parking lot, other than that this list can handle most things. The only thing in my list I do not like in it is the Mawloc but I do not know what I would put in his place. Maybe biovores and than make them, the warriors and exocrine living artillery? Thanks in advance!
I'll be honest, I don't think this list is that competitive. However, if played well you could do well :)

That being said, keeping to your core ideas and concerns I would either A) take the biovores cause they are really good and in which case you should do living artillery or B) run a carnifex. I've been playing against a lot of AV 13 walkers recently and they are invaluable in my opinion. Smash just doesn't cut it anymore. Sure, you have the exocrine and hive guard but at BS 3 that's not super reliable but that isn't as guaranteed as a fex's 4 STR 9 hits plus hammer for taking out high armor. And besides smash you have nothing to take out AV 14. Hive guard will struggle to deal with AV 13 and 14 seeing as they only get 4 shots and only 2/3 should hit. Then 5s and 6s to actually do something and that's hoping to kill it through HPs. Nothing you really have can deal with Imperial Knights except for maybe a ton of shooting from the exocrine and hive guard but it could take a lot of turns (maybe back armour from the tyrants). Just some thoughts.

A lot of people love mawlocs but I feel the fex will do a lot better for you - especially if you're worried about AV 13 walkers. Additionally, you could take a fex and add the hay-wire biomorph to the tyrannofex. Hopefully your tyrants can glance out wave serpent spam.

Additionally, I think you really lack synapse. 4 sources at 1750 is not great. I almost always run 6 at 1500 and 7 at 1750. The Tyrants can't really be counted on for synapse because there is a good chance they'll be far from the rest of the army. And you don't want to be holding them back just to provide synapse. Their main glory is being so mobile and you don't want to deny yourself that. The tervigon shouldn't be too close to termagants just in case she blows up. Leaving you 3 warriors. Which although not too weak, can be killed fairly easily.

Good luck at your tournaments!
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